Does Homegoods Take Apple Pay?

If you are thinking about stopping by Homegoods, you may be curious about whether or not it takes Apple pay. This is a good question as not every store is going to accept Apple pay, even though it is a popular option.

Apple pay is a very popular digital payment option for many customers as it is fast, easy, and reliable. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that every store is going to accept Apple pay as a valid payment option.

Keep reading to find out whether or not you can pay with Apple pay at Homegoods.

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Can I Pay With Apple Pay at Homegoods?

As of right now, Homegoods still does not accept Apple pay, which is unfortunate for its customers. It is a retail store that has still not made the move to update its payment system to include Apple pay just yet.

The good thing is that there have been whispers of Homegoods looking into new technology and business advances that it could make. This is part of its goal to stay modern and popular in an advancing time period.

Along with other businesses, Homegoods is having to fight to stay relevant and desirable to customers. Part of that is staying modern and keeping up with the latest business trends for growing businesses.

Apple pay is definitely something that is setting some stores apart from others as it gives customers more options. Digital payments are all the rage, and many customers prefer to go digital when making purchases.

Plus, with Apple pay, you can connect all kinds of payments to it to use. This allows you to use payment options that the store itself may not directly accept but accepts through Apple pay.

This can be very handy depending on your preferred payment option and where you are shopping at.

Do Homegoods Take Paypal?

Homegoods is one rare store that accepts Paypal as a valid payment option. This is great news as Paypal is easy to use, and most people already have an account set up and ready to go.

Does Homegoods Take Apple Pay

You can pay directly with Paypal if you have funds, or you can use it to pay with other payment methods. Much like Apple pay, you can use Paypal to pay with any kind of credit card, debit card, or other payment methods.

So if a store accepted Paypal but not an American Express card, you could connect your card through Paypal. Then the payment would be coming from your card but going through Paypal instead.

This gives customers more versatility so that they can pay in the way that they want to pay. Paypal is very trustworthy and is commonly used by most people.

Just keep in mind that Paypal does apply fees to certain kinds of transactions, so you may get a small fee when you use it to buy things. This is usually just a small percentage, but it could add up quickly.

What Kinds of Payment Does Homegoods Accept?

Though Homegoods does not accept Apple pay directly, it does offer other payment options. You can use Paypal, which is the next best option if Apple pay is not available.

Will Homegoods Accept Apple Pay

Homegoods also accepts American Express, Mastercard, Discover, Visa, Platinum Mastercard, and TJX Mastercards. It will also accept any Homegoods gift cards that you might have.

As far as stores go, this is a generous selection of payment options that you can choose from as a customer. This allows you to pay in the way that you want, especially since you can use Paypal.

Just connect your preferred payment method directly through Paypal and pay in that way. This is a great way to choose any kind of payment method that you like, no matter what the store accepts.

Will Homegoods Accept Apple Pay?

Homegoods does not accept Apple pay, unfortunately. This is a big downside for Homegoods customers as Apple pay is such a preferred payment method.

With it being so popular, there isn’t much excuse for stores to not offer it as a payment option. Especially when it is reputable and makes transactions much easier for employees and customers.

Despite these facts, Homegoods still has yet to upgrade its payment system to accommodate Apple pay. This is something that many stores are avoiding as it takes effort to add a new payment option to the system.

The good thing is that Homegoods does accept Paypal, which is the next best option besides Apple pay. You can use it in much the same way by routing other payment methods through your Paypal account.

If you do not already have a Paypal account it is quite easy to set up with a little time. It can be used for all kinds of transactions, so it is worth having an account set up.

Along with Paypal, Homegoods also accepts several different debit and credit cards that you can use when making your purchases.

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