Does King Soopers Take Apple Pay?

If you are thinking of shopping at King Soopers, you may be wondering if it will take Apple pay as a form of payment. This is a common concern amongst customers as not just any store is going to accept Apple pay.

Though many stores are moving towards more digital options for payment, you can never be sure what place will accept Apple pay. Some locations still do not offer Apple pay, which can make it confusing when you want to find a place to shop.

To find out whether or not King Soopers takes Apple pay, keep reading to find out more information.

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Will King Soopers Accept Apple Pay?

King Soopers does not accept Apple pay, unfortunately, despite the high demand for this easy payment option. Apple pay is highly convenient and available to everyone, which is why, so many customers prefer to use this digital payment method to shop.

Despite the massive popularity of Apple pay, many retail stores still do not allow this kind of payment. This is a big downside to many customers and could even be a dealbreaker for some.

The reason why many businesses have yet to offer this payment option is that it requires a payment system update. In order to accept Apple pay, businesses would have to pay to have their system updated to include Apple pay.

This costs extra money and can be a time-consuming task to take on for businesses. This is why many companies drag their feet to make this change as they do not want to have to commit to adding Apple pay to their system.

Though it is important for business to make this step, as so many customers expect to see digital payments as an option nowadays. Especially Apple pay, which is one of the most popular digital payment options.

Does King Soopers Take Kroger Pay?

Though King Soopers does not accept Apple pay, it does take Kroger pay. This is because King Sooper is a subsidiary store of Krogers, making the two companies connected.

Does King Soopers Take Apple Pay

This is an option that is even encouraged as it allows you to earn King Sooper rewards. By paying with Kroger pay, you can stack up King Sopper earnings to apply to your next purchase.

This can be very handy as King Sooper carries a wide array of options from home goods to deli foods to groceries. Any rewards you earn will be able to be put to good use when you next visit King Sooper to make a purchase.

Kroger pay is the only app-based payment method that King Soopewr will accept. This is largely because King Sooper is connected to Kroger and is used as a way to get more people to use Kroger pay.

What Payment Options Does King Soopers Take?

The good thing about King Soopper is that it still offers a good selection of payment options despite not offering Apple pay. If you do not want to use Kroger pay, you have plenty of other options to choose from.

Does King Soopers Take Kroger Pay

At King Sooper, you can pay via Visa, Discover, American Express, EBT, Prepaid, and debit cards. King Sopper also accepts all King Sooper gift cards as well as cash.

This gives you more than enough options, when it comes to buying from King Soopers.

It is also a good idea to give Kroger pay a try as you have the opportunity to earn rewards as you use it. This is a common type of program that many businesses offer that allow loyal customers to earn discounts and points.

You can then use these earned rewards on your next purchase at King Soopers to save some money on groceries or home goods.

Can I Use Apple Pay at King Soopers?

King Soopers, unfortunately, does not accept Apple pay as one of its valid forms of payment. In its place, it offers Kroger pay instead, due to the fact that it is a subsidiary company of Kroger.

If you choose to use Kroger pay, you have the opportunity to earn rewards every time you shop at King Soopers. These rewards can be applied to your next purchases to get discounts on what you are paying for.

If you do not want to use Kroger pay, you have plenty of other payment options as well. King Soopers allows you to pay with Visa cards, prepaid cards, Discover cards, debit cards, gift cards, EBT cards, and American Express cards.

You can also pay for anything you buy at King Soopers with cash if you have that on hand. Keep in mind that the Kroger pay option is the only app-based payment option that you have.

So if you want to order through the King Soopers app, you will have to create a Kroger pay account. This is the only app payment option that you will be given when you go to check out your King Soopers order.

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