Does Ingles Cash Checks?

Many grocery food chains offer basic money services like money orders and check cashing, namely big names like Walmart. But what about the smaller chains like Ingles Markets?

This post covers everything you need to know about cashing a check at Ingles, from limits to types of accepted checks and more.

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Can Ingles Markets Cash Checks?

Yes, Ingles Markets will cash both personal and payroll checks as long as you have an Ingles Advantage Card and a valid photo ID. All checks must be printed and not handwritten. Most Ingles stores will cash a check up to $250, but each location varies.

There’s not much information on the Ingles Markets website about their check cashing policies, and each store’s rules and requirements may vary.

What Types of Checks Can Be Cashed at Ingles?

According to the Ingles website, you can cash personal and payroll checks. Other sources state that it must be printed and not handwritten.

Other checks they might accept are:

  • Cash rebate checks
  • S. Traveler’s checks
  • Tax refund checks
  • Stimulus checks
  • Other government-issued checks

Since the Ingles website doesn’t clearly say which types of checks they do and don’t accept, it’s best to call your local store to confirm.

Can Ingles Markets Cash Checks

What Types of Checks Will Ingles NOT Cash?

There are some types of checks that Ingles can’t cash.

Again, Ingles doesn’t mention what types of checks they will and will not cash but most grocery and convenience stores won’t cash most of the checks listed below.

  • Checks over the $250 limit
  • Handwritten checks
  • Checks presented without proper issued identification
  • Insurance Drafts
  • Counter Checks
  • Altered Checks
  • Checks that are written in pencil
  • Credit Card Checks
  • Checks requiring a phone call for authorization
  • Foreign Traveler’s Checks
  • Money Orders

Is There a Check-Cashing Limit at Ingles?

Unfortunately, Ingles will not cash any check that is above its $250 limit.

Does Ingles Cash Checks

Does Ingles Charge a Fee for Cashing Checks?

It’s not clear if you will be charged a fee for cashing a check at Ingles, but most places do charge a small fee. Usually, it’s a couple of dollars or less per check.

How Late Will Ingles Cash Checks?

Your local Ingles store should be able to cash checks as long as the store is open, but every location is different.

How Do I Cash a Check at Ingles?

The process for cashing a check at Ingles is as simple and straightforward as cashing a check anywhere else. Follow the basic steps below when cashing your check at an Ingles store.

  1. Locate your Ingles store using their store locator tool
  2. Present your check, Ingles Advantage Card, and a valid photo ID to the cashier and ask for the check to be cashed
  3. Wait for the verification system to approve or decline your check
  4. If approved, you’ll sign an electronic receipt

If Ingles uses a third-party check verification system, it’s not uncommon for checks to be declined. Unfortunately, in this case, there’s nothing the cashier can do.

The cashier may be able to give you the contact information for the verification service so that you can find out why your check was rejected. If your check comes back declined, you can try cashing it at a different store, bank, or credit union.

What Types of Checks Will Ingles NOT Cash

What Do I Need for Cashing a Check at Ingles Markets?

You will need to show the cashier a valid government-issued photo ID and your Ingles Advantage Card when cashing a check. You can sign up for a free Advantage Card online or in-store.

Here are some examples of accepted forms of ID to bring with you when cashing a check at Ingles and other stores:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport or passport card
  • Military ID
  • State-issued ID card
  • Student ID card

What Other Places Can I Cash Checks?

There are several other common stores that will cash your check if you can’t cash it at Ingles. Grocery stores like Walmart have much higher cashing limits compared to Ingles, whereas stores like Winn Dixie have similar limits and policies.

Wherever you decide to cash your check, keep in mind that they will all have different requirements, limits, and fee structures that are also subject to change at any time.

Can I Cash Checks at Ingles?

Yes, you can cash printed payroll or personal checks up to $250 at most Ingles stores. You will need to present a valid photo ID and your free Ingles Advantage Card first. Checks that are altered or handwritten can’t be cashed.

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