Costco Car Rental Cancellation

If you’ve booked a rental car through Costco but need to change or cancel the reservation you’re bound to have some questions. Every rental agency and travel company has its own policies that you should be aware of before canceling your reservation.

This post tells what you need to know about canceling your Costco car rental, from potential fees, to how to cancel your reservation, and more.

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What to Know About Canceling Your Costco Car Rental

You can cancel a Costco car rental reservation anytime before pickup, either online or by phone. You won’t be charged a cancellation fee for reservations made through Costco Travel’s Low Price Finder. Rentals part of vacation packages or made by phone with a prepaid rate are subject to cancellation fees.

How Do You Cancel a Costco Rental Car?

Canceling your reservation is very easy and straightforward.

You can cancel your rental any time before your scheduled pickup either on your Costco Travel account, by calling Costco Travel directly, or by the rental car agency.

Canceling Costco Car Reservations Explained

How to Cancel a Costco Car Rental Through Your Costco Travel Account

This is probably the easiest method out of all three, but you do need a free Costco Travel account.

Follow the steps below to cancel your rental online.

  1. Login to your Costco Travel account
  2. Click on the upper right menu and select “Bookings”
  3. On the bookings page, select “Upcoming”
  4. Find and click on the reservation you want to cancel
  5. Select “Cancel”
  6. Choose the reason for canceling on the Review and Cancel page
  7. Select the “I Acknowledge” box and then “Cancel Booking”

Under the Reservation Details section, it will confirm the cancellation on the selected date. You will also receive a confirmation email of the cancellation.

How to Cancel a Costco Car Rental Reservation By Phone

You can call Costco Travel at 1-866-921-7925 and will be walked through with prompts or be able to talk to a live customer service representative.

Likewise, you can call the rental car agency directly and skip canceling through Costco Travel altogether.

How Do You Cancel a Costco Rental Car

Are There Fees for Canceling or Changing a Costco Car Rental?

There’s no fee for canceling or changing your rental car reservation as long as it was reserved through Costco Travel’s Low Price Finder.

However, if you reserved a car over the phone at a prepay rate or booked through the rental company directly, you may be charged a cancellation fee. This penalty fee is usually around $50 but may vary based on the partnering rental company you booked with.

Costco Travel won’t charge any additional fees even if the partnering company does.

It’s also important to note that canceled rentals can’t be reinstated and there’s not always a guarantee that a similar rental car or booking will be available.

What If I Forget to Cancel My Costco Rental Reservation?

Fortunately, there’s nothing to worry about if you forgot to cancel your rental car through Costco Travel. Since no payment information is taken upfront when you make the reservation, you won’t be charged for not showing up.

What If I Forget to Cancel My Costco Rental Reservation

All that will happen is the rental location will mark you as a no-show, void your reservation, and let someone else rent your car.

However, this doesn’t apply to prepaid rentals that were booked directly through the rental company or rentals included in vacation packages. If you prepaid for a rental and are a no-show, you may be charged late fees depending on the partnering rental company.

Can I Change My Costco Rental Car Reservation Without Canceling It?

Costco Travel recommends booking a new rental before canceling your current one if you need to change the reservation.

Canceling Costco Car Reservations Explained

Costco car rentals can be canceled anytime before pick up either by phone or online. There are no cancellation fees for reservations made through CostcoTravel’s Low Price Finder. Rentals made by phone with a prepaid rate or part of a vacation package may be subject to penalty fees.

Overall, Costco has made it very simple to cancel or change a car rental booking. Even if you don’t show up to pick up your rental car, there’s not much to worry about aside from being inconvenienced.

However, it’s important to be aware that policies are always subject to change and every location may vary.

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