Does King Soopers Do Money Orders?

If you need to get a money order, you are probably wondering if King Soopers sells money orders. This is an important question to ask as not every store provides this kind of service to its customers.

Though money orders are fairly common, many stores do not provide them as they don’t provide any kind of money service. Because of this, you will have to do some research to find the places that do, do money orders.

This way, you know exactly where to go to get a money order when you need it. Keep reading to find out whether or not King Soopers sells money orders to its customers.

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Does King Soopers Provide Money Orders?

King Soopers is a great place to get a money order if you need this kind of thing from a reputable company. Along with money orders, King Soopers provides all kinds of money services that you might also find useful.

King Sooper sells Western Union money orders to anyone who wants them for any reason. This is available at its money services desk during regular business hours at any King Soopers location.

Like most places that provide money orders, King Soopers does have a limit to how large this money order can be. This is usually a money order up to $1,000 that you won’t be able to go above as this is the limit.

Though you may be able to get multiple money orders if you need a larger amount. If you needed $2,000, you could get two in order to have the full money order amount that you need.

Though this will vary by location as some King Soopers may not allow an individual to get multiple money orders. At least not in a single day, though you could try going back the next day to buy another money order.

Does King Soopers Charge for Money Orders?

No matter where you go to get a money order, you are very likely to have to pay for it. This is because money orders are a money service and not a free op[tion, stores don’t have to do them, which is why they charge for them.

Does King Soopers Charge for Money Orders

At King Soopers, you can expect to pay around $1.10 per money order, though this can vary slightly by the location. If you have a King Soopers community rewards card, you could get a $0.10 discount.

As far as money orders go, this is a very reasonable fee that is even a bit cheaper than many other places. It is a small price to pay for the ability to get a money order easily and at your convenience.

Keep in mind that you do java to have some form of identification as well as the money to pay the fee. This is required to ensure that you are who you say that you are before you are given a money order.

Some forms of identification that King Soopers will accept are:

  • Drivers license
  • Military ID
  • Resident alien ID
  • US passport
  • State-issued non-driver ID

These are just a few ID options that you can use to get a money order. Make sure you have one of these if you want to be able to get a money order, otherwise, you won’t be able to get one.

How Do I Fill Out a Money Order From King Soopers?

If you are going to purchase a money order from King Soopers, you will need to fill it out to make it valid. To do this, you need to add basic information and find the nearest location to where you are for the money order.

Does King Soopers Do Money Orders

You will need to write down the payee’s name on the money order as well as fill out your details on the order. You can sign and deliver the order and make sure you hang onto the receipt in case you need it later on.

Make sure you have this information with you when you go to get the money order. As well as cash to pay the money order fee and your ID as confirmation of who you are.

Can I Get a Money Order at King Soopers?

You can easily get a money order at King Soopers for a small fee of $1.10 per money order. These money orders also come with a $1,000 limit, though you may be able to get around this by buying several money orders.

The rules around money orders are going to vary a bit by the King Soopers location that you go to. Some may be more lenient and allow you to get multiple money orders, while others may not.

You will need to bring the cash to pay for your money order as well as a valid form of identification. Many people use their driver’s license to do this, but most forms of ID will work just fine.

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