Does Dollar General Sell Stamps?

If you need to buy some stamps, you may be wondering if Dollar General sells stamps of any kind. This is a good question as many shoppers tend to assume that you can find postage stamps being sold at this discount store.

It is understandable why people would assume that, as Dollar General does carry a wide range of items for its customers. With so many things to choose from, it makes sense that you may assume that stamps could also be bought here.

Though it is a good idea to look into this as not every store is going to sell postage stamps. In fact, this is something that can be quite hard to find unless you go to a mail shipping place or postal place.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Dollar General carries stamps that you can buy.

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Can I Buy Stamps at Dollar General?

Some unfortunate news for Dollar General shoppers is that this store is not selling stamps as of 2022 and won’t be in the future. This comes as a surprise since many people automatically assumed that you could buy stamps at this discount store.

dollar general not selling stamps

Dollar General does not sell any kind of postage stamps, no matter the kind that you need. This is something that many stores do not sell, making it tricky to find them.

The most common place to find postage stamps are at mailing places or the postal office where stamps can be purchased. Other than those locations, it can be hard to locate stamps that you can buy.

For some reason, most stores don’t carry stamps, even if they carry other postage supplies. This is just one of those items that are a bit harder to find as only select stores will carry them.

Dollar General is known for selling very cheap items in its stores of all categories. This allows you to buy items like:

  • Dining wear
  • Food
  • House decor
  • Household supplies
  • Crafts
  • Gift packaging

These are just a few things that Dollar General carries, as it sells a huge variety of merchandise options. Though stamps are one thing that you will not see being sold at Dollar General, no matter what location you visit.

Does Dollar General Sell Mailing Supplies?

Though Dollar General does not sell stamps, you can find mailing supplies in these store locations. This still gives you a good option if you don’t need stamps or can buy them elsewhere but do news mailing supplies.

At Dollar General, you can buy items like Duck brand mailing supplies, envelopes, packing tape, poly-mailers, and more. These are all great options if you need to mail any kind of package but don’t have the supplies on hand.

These items are also very affordable, just like everything else in the Dollar General store. The prices for these supplies are $1 to $5 depending on what you are needing to buy.

Dollar General even has small cardboard boxes for larger things that you need to mail as well as rolls of bubble wrap. All at a much cheaper price than you will find at a postal office or shipping store.

If you need to buy stamps as well, you can do this at a store that carries any kind of stamp you would need. Places that sell stamps are Walmart, shopping stores, Costco, CVS, Target, Walgreens, and Amazon.

After you visit all of these places, you should have everything that you could possibly need to mail any package you have.

dollar general fedex dropoff

Can I Post Things From Dollar General?

Since Dollar General carries an assortment of mailing supplies, you may be curious if you can post items here. Such as letters or small packages that need to make their way to a friend or loved one.

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not have any kind of in-house posting office as it does not directly handle mail. This is a serious matter that only specific businesses can handle, but just any discount store.

To mail anything that you may have, you need to go to a mailing place or your local postal office. These are the only kinds of places that can legally handle your mail and make sure it reaches its destination.

Though it is important to note that Dollar General does operate as a partial FedEx drop-off point. FedEx has a small section in the Dollar General store where you can take your FedEx returns and things that need to be shipped back.

You must have the item packed and ready to be shipped with the shipping label attached. This is a handy way to do some shopping as well as send off a FedEx return.

Are There Stamps at Dollar General?

If you need to buy stamps to mail a package or letter, Dollar General is not the place to pick up this mailing necessity. Dollar General stores do not carry stamps, so this is not a place where you should go to find them.

Dollar General does, however, sell some mailing supplies that you might be able to find a use for. These include things like small boxes, mailers, envelopes, packing tape, and bubble wrap.

So Dollar General isn’t a place to get stamps, but you can find other mailing supplies that you may need. It sells them at a remarkable price, far cheaper than you would find at the post office or a mailing business.

There are all kinds of other stores that carry and sell any kind of stamp that you may need, Dollar General just isn’t the place to go for this kind of item.

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