Does Kwik Trip Do Money Orders?

If you need a money order, you may be wondering if Kwik Trip will sell customers money orders if they need one. This is a commonly asked question as many people go to convenience stores to buy money orders when they need them.

This is a popular type of store where money orders are sold, though not every convenience store does this. This is why it is important to make sure that the convenience stores do sell money orders to their customers.

If you don’t clarify this, you may end up being frustrated later on if it doesn’t do money orders. Keep reading to find out whether or not Kwik Trip provides money orders and if so, how to go about getting one.

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Does Kwik Trip Sell Money Orders?

Kwik Trip is a place where you can easily get a money order if you are in need of one. Here, you have the option of buying a MoneyGram money order, not cash money orders, at any one of these convenience chain store locations.

At Kwik Trip, you can get a MoneyGram money order easily without having to go anywhere else. The amount that you can get goes up to $500, but Kwik Trip can’t give you a money order any higher than this.

Kwik Trip also has a rule where you can only get two money orders at one time. So you cannot get more money orders to try to go over the $500 limit unless you can be happy with $1,000.

It is also important to note that Kwik Trip doesn’t cash money orders at its convenience stores. This is not allowed, so you will have to do this somewhere else if you already have a money order.

This is a great option for customers as it provides a safe and effective way of paying someone. A money order is much like a check only it is more secure and generally preferred over checks.

Does Kwik Trip Charge for Money Orders?

No matter where you go, a store is going to charge you a small fee in order to buy a money order. This is because this is a money service that the store is providing for you.

Does Kwik Trip Do Money Orders

Because this is a service, it is not going to just do this free of charge, even if it is an easy process. So no matter where you go to get a money order, keep in mind that it will charge you to do this.

At Kwik Trip[, you will get a much smaller fee than any places will charge you, however. As Kwik Trip only charges $0.99 for each money order that you do, while many others charge as much as $10 depending on the amount.

Though it is very important to remember that Kwik Trip requires this fee to be paid in cash. You cannot use a credit or debit card to pay this money order fee, you must have the cash on hand to do so.

This also only covers one money order at a time, for every money order you buy, you will be charged a separate fee. So you can’t save any money by ordering two money orders as you will then be charged twice.

How Do I Fill Out a Money Order at Kwik Trip?

Money orders at Kwik Trip are the same as the ones you could buy anywhere else. They all require standard information that you have to fill out to make them legitimate and useful when they are actually cashed.

Does Kwik Trip Sell Money Orders

To fill out a Kwik Trip money order, you need to follow these steps:

  • Fill in the name of the recipient
  • Add your address
  • Add your account number if the money order is for a bill
  • Sign your signature
  • Keep the receipt

These are the very simple steps that you need to follow when following out one of these money orders. Make sure everything is there and that you are writing clearly so that everything is understood.

This is very important as these details make the money order legitimate. Without them, the money order won’t be with much, and you will have wasted the money order fee.

Though someone at the store may be able to assist you if you have never filled out a money order before.

Can I Get a Money Order at Kwik Trip?

You can buy a money order at Kwik Trip very easily, just keep in mind that it only sells MoneyGram money orders. It will also not be able to help you cash any money orders as it only p[rovides them as an option for its customers.

You will need to pay a $0.99 fee in cash, and the money order cannot exceed $500. Though you can get around this by buying two money orders to get a larger amount, just keep in mind that each person can only buy two money orders at once.

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