Does Lululemon Take Apple Pay?

If you want to buy some items from Lululemon, you may wonder if it accepts Apple pay as a valid payment option. This is a good question to ask because many retail stores still do not take Apple pay.

Though Apple pay is very popular, there are still plenty of businesses that do not accept it as payment. This can be a real downside for customers who prefer fast and easy digital payment options like Apple pay.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Lululemon accepts Apple pay.

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Does Lululemon Accept Apple Pay?

Lululemon is one of many retailers that does accept Apple pay all across its different retail stores. You can use Apple pay for in-store purchases as well as on the Lululemon website. You can also choose Apple pay when checking out on the Lululemon app.

Does Lululemon Take Apple Pay

This makes buying your Lululemon picks very easy and fast if you choose to use Apple pay. This is a digital payment option that is easy to utilize, and many people have an Apple pay account now.

It is simple to set up and only requires a few minutes to get your account up and running. It provides an effortless way of paying for your purchases without the need for cards or cash.

Lululemon makes it especially easy to ship at any of its stores as they all accept Apple pay. Even when shopping online, you have this easy option that allows you to check out effortlessly.

This is good news for Lululemon customers who prefer to utilize digital forms of payment like Apple pay.

Does lululemon Take Cash?

Lululemon also accepts cash in its stores along with Apple pay payments. This is another great option if you happen to have cash on hand that you can use instead of another payment form.

Does lululemon Take Cash

Besides these two options, Lululemon also takes a variety of cards in its stores and online through the website and app. You can use Visa debit, Visa credit, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, and Paypal to pay.

You can also use your Lululemon gift cards and can even split the payment if your gift card is low on funds. You can pay half with a gift card and half with another card or cash for one total purchase.

This makes it easy for you to get every last penny out of your Lululemon gift cards so that nothing goes to waste. Keep in mind that you cannot split a payment between two credit or debit cards, however.

This is something that can only be done with a gift card, not two credit or debit cards.

Does Lululemon Accept In Store Afterpay?

You can use Afterpay to buy your Lululemon picks by downloading the Afterpay app. You can quickly and easily create your Afterpay account right then and there in the store as well.

You can follow the tabs to the wallet side of the Afterpay app, this is where you can add your preferred payment methods to the wallet. This will be your digital wallet which you can pay directly from.

Set up the Afterpay card and add it to your wallet so that you can use it in a Lululemon store. Then you will need to find a Lululemon that will accept Afterpay, most do.

Once you have picked out your purchases, you can activate the Afterpay card and use it to pay through Apple or Google pay. This will allow you to pay with Afterpay in the store instead of online.

If you are ordering Lululemon online, all you have to do, is pick the Afterpay payment option when checking out if you already have an account. Then the Afterpay card will be automatically used to pay for your Lululemon order.

Can I Use Apple Pay at Lululemon?

Lululemon is one of many retail stores that does take Apple pay as a payment option in-stores or online. You can use Apple pay to buy clothing in person or through the Lululemon website or the Lululemon app.

In fact, most of the payment options that Lululemon offers can be used online as well as in the store. Though you cannot use cash online for obvious reasons, though you can pay with cash in stores.

Along with Apple pay, Lululemon also accepts a variety of different cards that you can pay with. This includes Mastercards, Visa debit, Visa credit, American Express, and JCB cards.

Lululemon also accepts Paypal payments and any kind of Lululemon gift card that you might have. All of the digital and card payments can be used on the Lululemon website or app to buy items.

You can even use Afterpay in the Lululemon store if you have your account set up with your Afterpay card ready. This is also an option that is available when you purchase Lululemon online.

You can simply choose the Afterpay option when given a list of payment options when you go to checkout.

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