Does McDonald’s Take Samsung Pay?

If you want to swing by McDonald’s to grab a bite to eat, you may be curious about whether or not McDonald’s offers Samsung pay. This is a detail that many customers wonder about as some fast-food places don’t take this payment option.

Though Samsung pay is popular. It is still not widely accepted, much like Apple and Google pay. That is why you will want to do your research before assuming that a fast-food restaurant takes Samsung pay.

Keep reading to find out if McDonald’s will take Samsung pay in the restaurant or online.

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Will McDonald’s Take Samsung Pay?

McDonald’s does accept Samsung pay in restaurants and through the drive through. Though it will not take Samsung pay as payment on the mobile order app or the pay app. These online options only take Apple pay as of right now.

McDonald’s is one of the few fast-food restaurants to accept Samsung pay as a valid form of payment. This is good news to customers who prefer to use digital payment options over cash or cards.

This also makes ordering at McDonald’s easier as you can do it instantly over your phone. This is very simple and only requires that you have a Samsung pay account set up.

This ties in perfectly with the goal of fast food, which is to prove fast and simple service. With a digital payment method like Samsung, you can pay that way as well and get your order completed faster.

Though it is a disappointment that the McDonald’s mobile order app and pay app do not accept Samsung. As you may not want to use Apple pay or may not have an Apple pay account set up.

Can I Pay Online for McDonald’s?

A fairly new option that McDonald’s offers are the ability for customers to pay online for their McDonald’s order. This can be done with GCash for McDonald’s food orders.

Does McDonald’s Take Samsung Pay

You can now use GCash to pay for your order via the McDelivery app, McDelivery online, and the McDonald’s app inside of GLife. This makes paying for your order even easier than before.

The only downside is that you do have to pay through GCash. Though this is a trustworthy system, many may not feel comfortable using it if they are not familiar with it.

It can be risky to trust new thighs online with your payment information, making people leery of new things. Despite the fact that GCash is perfectly secure and fully supported by McDonald’s payment system.

What Payment Options Does McDonald’s Accept?

Along with Samsung pay, McDonald’s accepts a variety of different payment options. This makes it much more accessible to a large variety of different customers.

It offers several other digital payment options, such as Apple pay and Google pay. For cards, it takes Arch gift cards as well as all major credit and debit cards.

This includes Mastercards, Discovery cards, American Express, and Visa cards. Even American Express gift cards are acceptable at McDonald’s locations.

You can also pay with cash if you are ordering in the restaurant or through the drive-through. Though checks are not allowed, whether they be personal or business checks.

There are plenty of payment options that you can use when ordering at McDonald’s. Though you will have to keep in mind that the McDonald’s mobile pay app and pay app have some restrictions.

You can only pay with Apple pay on these online options as no other payment forms are acceptable. Though all of the other forms of payment can be used in the McDonald’s restaurant and through the drive-thru.

Does McDonald’s Accept Samsung Pay?

McDonald’s does take Samsung pay as a valid payment option in the restaurant and through the drive-thru. This is one of several payment options that you can choose from when ordering food.

Like many fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s tries to make ordering as fast and easy as possible. One way that it does this is to offer several digital payment options for its customers.

At McDonald’s, you can pay with Google pay, Samsung pay, or Apple pay. Apple pay is specifically used for the online ordering options for McDonald’s, as you can’t use any other kind of payment there.

McDonald’s also accepts all major credit and debit cards as well as McDonald’s gift cards and American Express gift cards. You can also use cash to pay for your order in the restaurant or through the drive-thru.

These are all great payment options that McDonald’s offers its customers. There are plenty of things to choose from, and you have the option of taking advantage of digital payment options as well.

McDonald’s is committed to offering easy and fast payment options to its customers. Tying its easy payment options in with its fast and delicious food, making the ordering process hassle-free and quick.

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