Does Michaels Price Match?

If you want to buy something at Michaels, you may be wondering if this store does price matching. This is a good question to ask as not just any store provides this option for its customers despite how in demand it is.

This is why you should always look into this first as not every store offers price matching with its competitors. Some stores do, and some stores don’t, so it is a good idea to look into that store’s policy before buying anything.

Keep reading to find out if you can ask for a price match when you go to buy something from Michaels.

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Does Michaels Offer Price Matching?

If you want to shop at Michaels, the good news is that this craft store has a price match guarantee. So you can walk in knowing that you are going to have access to the best possible deals at this store, no matter the original price.

Michaels has a price match guarantee, so that you can get the best prices when you shop here. This way, you don’t have to go where the pieces are lower, you can shop at your favorite craft store instead.

In fact, Michaels won’t just match the lower price, it will beat it by adding an additional 10% off discount to your item. Just keep in mind that you must ask for a price match within 7 days of making the purchase.

The item must also be identical in every way. It has to be the same brand, color, design, size, etc. So you will need to make sure it is exactly like the item that you want to buy at Michaels.

Michaels will not be able to match prices of items that are discounted or on sale, this is because that isn’t its original price at that store, it is a special limited-time price, which doesn’t go with Michaels’s price match policy.

Michaels also won’t price match for third-party sellers, such as, Amazon, Etsy, eBay, or other similar places.

Does Michaels Accept Competitor’s Coupons?

Many Michaels shoppers may be confused about its coupon policy as it has changed in recent years. As of 2020, Michaels stopped accepting competitors’ coupons for the time being, though this could always change again.

Does Michaels Price Match

This is unfortunate news for Micheals lovers as this used to be a very useful policy for customers. It allowed Michaels shoppers to use coupons from other stores at Michaels if they applied to the same kinds of items.

Right now, Michaels no longer takes competitors’ coupons as it only accepts its own. This also comes with its own list of rules, such as:

  • Only one coupon per product
  • One coupon of each time per day when purchasing
  • Reduced price items cannot be bought with a coupon
  • Olds coupons cannot be used

These are things to keep in mind if you want to also take advantage of the coupons at Michaels. These are another great way to get lower prices if you cannot find an identical item that applies to getting a price match.

Does Michaels Price Match Online?

Now that you know that Michaels’s price matches, you probably want to know if it does this online as well as in-store. The good news is that Michaels does price match both in-store and online.

This includes price matching with items that are listed for cheaper on online websites from its competitors. This gives you a much larger amount of options to choose from so that you can pick the best option price-wise.

Michaels will price match items listed online for cheaper as well, as lower that price by 10%, giving you an even better deal. This applies to online items as well as when you are purchasing from the Michaels website.

To get a price match when ordering online, you will need to call the customer service line to request a price match. You must do this within 7 days of making your Michaels purchase for it to qualify.

The same guidelines apply to in-store purchase and online purchases as the item must be identical, and a price match must be requested within 7 days. This is the only way you are guaranteed to get a price match with Michaels.

Will Michaels Price Match?

If you want to get a price match at Michaels, this is a very good option to help you get a better deal. Not only will Michaels give you a price match, but it will also throw in an additional 10% discount so that the price is even lower.

That makes Michaels a great place to get a price match as you also have up to 7 days after making the purchase to ask for a price match. This includes both in-store and online purchases that are identical to what Michaels is selling.

This helps you to shop at the craft store that you prefer while getting access to the best deals.

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