Sonic Banana Cream Pie Shake Discontinued

If you had the chance to taste a Sonic banana cream pie shake, you may be wondering why it is no longer available to order. This has been a common question as customers are afraid that Sonic has discontinued this delicious pie shake.

Sonic often releases new menu items before quickly removing them and making them unavailable to its hungry customers. This adds a sense of urgency and encourages more sales as fans want to get their hands on the latest goodies.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Sonic has discontinued the banana cream pie or if it is only temporarily unavailable.

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Was the Sonic Banana Cream Pie Shake Discontinued?

Many customers have wanted to know if the Sonic banana cream shake was discontinued or not after it dissapeared. The information is confusing to many, but it does seem like this special shake has been discontinued and removed from the menu.

This has come as a huge disappointment to Sonic fans as its banana cream pie shake was really a crowd pleaser. This delicious shake was thick and creamy with strong banana flavors reminiscent of a banana pie.

This was a very popular option at Sonic as it had that classic flavor that most people enjoy. It was completely unique, and no other fast food restaurant had a shake like this one.

This is why Sonic has had so many unhappy customers as it has discontinued this shake. The unfortunate truth, is that many of Sonic’s special shakes and other menu items are never meant to stay on the menu.

Sonic is known for frequently releasing new and delicious menu items for a limited time. It very rarely adds items to its menu and plans on keeping them available indefinitely.

This is why you have to enjoy Sonic menu items while they are available, as they could be discontinued any day.

Did Sonic Discontinue All of the Cream Pie Shakes?

As far as we know, it seems like most, if not all of the Sonic cream pie shakes have been discontinued. This is not really a surprise to most as these shakes came together and most likely were going to leave together.

Sonic Banana Cream Pie Shake Discontinued

Sonic regularly releases new items in batches and removes them altogether. This allows it to continue to release new items without making its menu far too large to handle.

These cream pie shakes include flavors like:

  • Banana cream pie
  • Coconut cream pie
  • Strawberry cream pie
  • Lemon cream pie

Though these options are most likely going to be removed from the Sonic menu altogether, there’s really no reason to worry. Sonic has frequently brought special items back due to high demand to allow customers access to them for a limited time.

It has released several cream pie shakes in the past and has discontinued all of those as well. Though it has still brought many back in future years to give customers another taste of these frosty treats.

So even if all of the cream pie shakes have been removed from the Sonic menu, they could very well be back later as a limited time option for customers.

Does Sonic Have Cake Batter Shakes?

One piece of good news for Sonic customers is that Sonic is bringing back the cake batter shakes for a limited time in 2022. These are another kind of shake that it has debuted in the past and received a huge amount of approval for.

These shakes are just as creamy and delicious, coming in flavors like brownie batter and yellow cake batter. They are just as rich and creamy as the cream pie shakes, just a bit different in flavor.

Did Sonic Discontinue Its Banana Cream Pie Shake?

For right now, Sonic has discontinued the banana cream pie shake as it is no longer going to be on the menu to order. This is very common as these shakes were only special menu items, meaning that they were never there to stay.

You will most likely see the banana cream pie shake on the Sonic menu again in the future as these specials frequently come back. Just keep your eye out as they come and go very quickly.

Until then, Sonic is also launching cake batter shakes for a limited time in 2022, if you want to try one of those tasty shake options.

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