Does Nordstrom Rack Do Alterations?

Nordstrom carries several garments for all genders and occasions. They also have unique services like tailoring and alterations for select pieces.

In the article below, we cover everything you need to know about alterations at Nordstrom Rack and how you can use the services. Read on for more information.

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Nordstrom Rack Alterations

Yes, Nordstrom Rack offers alterations and tailoring at select in-store locations. Nordstrom offers alterations for personal garments, denim, men’s apparel, and more. Customers can visit their nearest Nordstrom Rack or book an appointment online. Nordy Club members can receive select basic alterations for free.

Nordstrom Rack provides customers with a wide range of garment alteration and tailoring services. There are a lot of factors to consider before booking an appointment. Here are some basics to get you started:

  • Nordstrom Rack offers alterations at select locations. You can find a location near you online with the Find a Nordstrom
  • Nordstrom offers alterations for basic apparel, men’s garments, unique occasion pieces, cocktail dresses, denim, and more. Customers can also select clothing repair services.
  • Customers can bring in personal garments as long as they’re freshly washed ahead of time.
  • Most tailoring and alterations take two to four weeks to finish.

Does Nordstrom Rack Do Alterations

Basic Alterations at Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom offers essential alteration services like hemming. Customers who pay for express alterations can have garments hemmed in a day. Nordy Club members and Nordstrom Credit Card holders typically receive these services for free.

Men’s Tailoring

Nordstrom also provides men tailoring services for Nordstrom merchandise and personal apparel. The items must be new or freshly cleaned ahead of time. Some of the men’s tailoring and alteration services include:

  • Hemming pants or sleeves
  • Side adjustments for suits, coats, and shirts
  • Waist and seat adjustments
  • Repairs for buttons, seams, and zippers
  • Monogramming

Special Occasion and Cocktail Dresses

Nordstrom Rack offers tailoring services for special occasions and cocktail dresses. Alterations can include minor adjustments like hemming or complex adjustments like removing bows. They also provide complete services for bridal parties, including the bride, groom, flower girl, and others.

However, wedding dresses must be purchased at Nordstrom for bridal alterations. All items must be new or freshly cleaned for alterations and tailoring.

How Long Do Alterations Take at Nordstrom Rack

Denim Adjustments

Nordstrom offers several different alteration services for denim. Customers can select basic pant hems for $15 and original hems for $20. The complete range of denim services Nordstrom offers includes the following:

  • Plain hemming
  • Topstitched hemming
  • Original hemming
  • Raw finish hemming
  • Waist adjustments
  • Leg tapering
  • Additional personalization

Basic Clothing Repairs

Customers can also receive basic clothing repairs for their own garments at Nordstrom Rack. Items must be freshly cleaned ahead of time. Some repairs include the following:

  • Replace buttons, snaps, or hooks
  • Repair zippers
  • Repair damaged hems
  • Close open seams
  • Repair holes

Express Alterations at Nordstrom Rack

Customers can select Express Alteration services if they need garments sooner. Nordstrom can hem pants the same day or the next day for an additional $10 fee. Other apparel can be altered the same day or the following day for $25. Alternatively, customers can select Express Alterations in two to four days for an additional $15 charge.

How Long Does It Take

Unless you select express services, most Nordstrom alterations take around two weeks to finish. However, these timeframes can vary depending on the services, location, and circumstances. Some Nordstrom locations may take around four weeks to complete alterations due to short staff.

Nordstrom Rack Alterations at a Glance

Booking an Appointment

You can easily book a Nordstrom alteration and fitting appointment online by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Visit the Nordstrom Rack Appointment Booking site at
  2. Select your service from the left-hand menu. Most appointments are free and will take between 30-60 minutes.
  3. After selecting your service, provide your city, zip code, and state in the field provided. Select a Nordstrom near you from the drop-down list.
  4. On the next page, you’ll need to select a tailor from the available associates.
  5. Afterward, you’ll need to select a time and date for your appointment.
  6. Finally, you’ll need to review and book your appointment. Provide the necessary information in the fields provided to finish.

Unfortunately, not all Nordstrom stores provide alteration services. Thankfully, there are over 200 in-store locations that offer alteration and tailoring services. You can visit the Find a Nordstrom page online to view available locations in your area.

Nordstrom Rack provides alteration and tailoring services at select locations. Customers can receive services for personal garments, denim, men’s apparel, special occasion dresses, and more. Nordy Club members can receive select basic alterations for free.

You can book an appointment online or visit your nearest Nordstrom for more information. However, not all locations offer these services, and you’ll need to use the Find a Nordstrom tool to view available stores in your area.

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