Does Planet Fitness Allow 12-Year-Olds?

Going to the gym early on can help establish healthy habits. If you have a kid who’s 12 years old, you may wonder if they can go to Planet Fitness.

Before you join or get a membership for your kid, consider the rules. Then, you can keep from wasting your time or money.

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Can 12-Year-Olds Go to Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness doesn’t let 12-year-olds have their own membership. Your child will have to wait until they turn 13 to get a membership. For now, one option is for you to get a PF Black Card membership so that you can bring your child as a guest.

If you live near a Planet Fitness, you may still want to join the gym. But if you want to join with your 12-year-old, you’ll need to consider an alternative.

Ways 12-Year-Olds Can Enjoy Planet Fitness

While 12-year-olds can’t go to Planet Fitness alone, they have options. If you’re the parent of a kid aged 12, you have to be involved in the process.

Does Planet Fitness Allow 12-Year-Olds

Here are a few ways you can get your kid to take advantage of Planet Fitness at this age.

With a Parent or Guardian

As the parent or guardian, you can sign up for a PF Black Card membership. This allows you to bring a guest, but that guest has to be 18. The one exception is if you bring your minor child as your guest.

Does Planet Fitness Accept 12-Year-Olds

It’s unclear if Planet Fitness allows 12-year-olds as guests, so check with your local club. You’ll need to keep a good eye on your kid as they work out. Make sure you don’t leave them alone since the gym equipment can be dangerous when your kid doesn’t know how to use it.

Wait to Turn 13

When your child is 12, they’re not too far from turning 13. At that point, they’ll be able to get their own Planet Fitness membership. You’ll need to be there when your child signs up, and you have to go with them whenever they work out.

However, you won’t necessarily need a membership of your own. For one, you can go and simply watch your child. Or you can get your child a PF Black Card membership and you can be your child’s guest.

Use the App

Another way you can get your child to take advantage of Planet Fitness now is with the Planet Fitness app. You can join as an adult, and you can download the app to your device. Set aside time each day to work out with your child.

Use the app together and find workout videos that make sense for both of you. This can help your child get used to the routine of exercising. When they’re old enough for their own membership, they’ll be in the habit of working out, so they may want to go to the gym more.

Why Can’t Young Kids Go to Planet Fitness?

Young kids can’t go to Planet Fitness for a couple of reasons. First off, the gym doesn’t offer specialized childcare like some gyms do. A lack of childcare helps keep membership fees relatively affordable

But it also means there isn’t a safe place for your kids to hang out when you’re at the gym. You’ll need to leave the kids at home or bring a spouse or friend who you trust to watch the kids in the car or elsewhere in the area.

Kids can’t go to Planet Fitness because of the equipment. A lot of kids don’t know how to use machines properly, and that can lead to safety risks. Sure, a 12-year-old may be old enough to learn how to use the equipment.

However, it’s a risk that Planet Fitness doesn’t want to take. Plus, bringing your kid can keep you from getting an efficient workout in. You’d need to stop every time your child tries to mess with something.

Does Planet Fitness Accept 12-Year-Olds?

Planet Fitness doesn’t accept 12-year-olds as members. It’s possible kids at that age can go as a guest with a parent who has a PF Black Card membership. However, it’s better for kids to wait until they’re 13 when they can get their own membership. Until then, you can join and use the app to work out with your kid at home.

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