Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna?

If you are new to Planet Fitness and are considering getting a membership there, you may be wondering if it has saunas, steam rooms, or hot tubs. This is a great question to ask as Planet Fitness is more than your ordinary gym.

Planet Fitness offers several options that most gyms do not have for their members, which sets it apart from the rest. This also makes it a better investment if you are looking for a gym to become a part of.

To find out whether or not Planet Fitness has a sauna, steam room, or hot tubs, keep reading to find out for sure.

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Do Planet Fitness Gyms Have Saunas, Steam Rooms, or Hot Tubs?

Most Planet Fitness gyms do not have any saunas, hot tubs, or steam rooms for members. Though you may find one or two luxury locations where this is offered as a part of the membership, though this is very rare.

This is because these options are very pricey and would make it so that Planet Fitness would have to drastically increase its prices. That is why you may find a luxury location where these are available at a much higher price.

The majority of Planet Fitness locations do not have a sauna, hot tub, or steam room because they are expensive to install and upkeep. And Planet Fitness prides itself on being an affordable gym for members.

To have these luxury options, it would have to either create a new kind of membership that includes these options. Or it would have to increase the price of the black card membership.

As of right now, Planet Fitness is not willing to do that, so you will not have access to these options in your local Planet Fitness gym.

What Does Planet Fitness Offer?

Planet Fitness is a gym that offers a wide range of options for those who hold a black card membership. This is different from its basic membership plan that allows you to workout at this gym.

A black card membership will give you access to all of Planet Fitness’s other options besides working out. It is a bit more expensive but it just might be worth it depending on what you are looking for in a gym.

Planet Fitness may not have saunas, hot tubs, or steam rooms, but it has many other options to choose from.

Tanning Beds and Booths

Does Planet Fitness Have a Sauna, Steam Room, or Hot Tubs

Planet Fitness offers both tanning beds and tanning booths to its black card members. You can use these whenever you go to your gym as long as you are this kind of member.

Keep in mind that tanning booths are only open when there is someone to assist with the spray tan, so these are harder to get. Whereas the tanning beds are open 24 hours if the Planet fitness location is open that long.

These are great options if you like to get a tan as well as workout as it simplifies the process it can also be cheaper as you are paying one monthly fee to workout as well as tan in one location.

Red Light Therapy

Planet Fitness also offers red light therapy, which is increasingly growing in popularity. This is a kind of therapy that is perfect for those going to the gym as it helps with endurance.

This red light therapy is created to build endurance, reduce muscle damage, and lessen soreness after working out. It is the perfect therapy option for any gym-goer who is looking for the best results.

Massage Chairs

Planet Fitness also offers an assortment of massage chairs that allow you to ease your muscles after working out. This is a perfect before or after option to help warm up your muscles and encourage healing.

This is especially useful for those who are trying to build up their endurance or who visit the gym regularly. This can be an effective way of battling post-workout soreness and any muscle damage.

This is a luxury option that very few gyms offer besides Planet Fitness.


Are There Saunas, Steam Rooms, or Hot Tubs at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness gyms also offer the unique option of enjoying hydromassage before or after your workout. This is an easy way to get a full-body massage without having to strip down or see a massage therapist.

These hydromassages are beds or lounges and allow you to get a full-body rub down to help encourage healing and muscle regeneration. This is great for soreness as well as tense muscles after working out.

Heated water is used to create a relaxing experience that will ease and tension out of your body before you know it.

Can Anyone Go to Planet Fitness?

Anyone can go to Planet Fitness if you are looking to get a gym membership. You may be able to get a free visit to Planet Fitness if you are looking to get a membership potentially.

Though they often charge you a one-time fee if you want to have a look around or workout for one day. This will vary by location as some may still give you access one time for free.

You can purchase a classic membership which is a 12-month commitment and costs $10 a month. This is the most common membership and will only give you access to workout at the gym.

You can also get the same kind of membership that is a no-commitment membership. This is $15 a month and allows you to cancel your membership at any time without a cancellation fee.

The next kind of membership Planet Fitness has is the black card membership. This gives you access to all of Planet Fitness’s special features, such as tanning beds and massage chairs.

This membership costs $22.99 a month and is a no-commitment membership, so you can cancel at any time.

As far as gyms go, Planet Fitness is considered to be very affordable if you only stick with the basic membership. Though the black card membership is still very affordable considering what you have access to.

Many other gyms offer far fewer options at an even higher monthly price, making Planet Fitness a great alternative option.

You may be able to regularly get free access to Planet Fitness if you have a friend or family member with a black card. This will give you guest privileges, so that you can go and workout for free.

Just keep in mind that guests can only use the gym area, you do not have access to any special options.

Is Planet Fitness Worth it?

Many people love Planet Fitness, while others not so much. It depends on the person and what exactly they are looking for in a gym. Overall, Planet Fitness is considered to be a great option for anyone looking for a gym membership.

With this gym, you have the option of a few different plans that can accommodate your monthly budget. This makes it more affordable for those looking for a place to workout.

You can either choose the cheapest and simplest membership so that you can just go to workout. Or you can choose the black card membership for more options at a higher price.

It is important to keep in mind that the biggest complaint around Planet Fitness is that it does not have many weight lifting options. Planet Fitness only offers limited workout gear and is not a weight-lifting gym.

It only provides minimal weights and other workout gear, so it is not ideal for those looking to bulk up significantly.

Are There Saunas, Steam Rooms, or Hot Tubs at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness does not have a sauna, steam room, or hot tub as its special options. You may find a handful of luxury locations that have one or two of these options, but the majority do not.

Planet Fitness has tanning beds, tanning booths, red light therapy, hydromassage, and massage chairs. These are the special options that it offers to its black card members.

Having a sauna, hot tub, or steam room would be very expensive for Planet Fitness gyms and require them to raise membership prices. This could result in a loss of members who no longer want to pay for the monthly rates.

These kinds of commodities cost a lot to not only install but also upkeep and keep sanitary for members. That is why the majority of gym locations do not have these as options.

Any special options that Planet Fitness does offer are only available for members with a black card. This membership is more expensive because it grants you access to more than just the workout gear.

This is also a no-commitment membership, so you have the option of canceling without an additional fee whenever you like. These are just a few of the benefits that come with the pricier membership option.

With the basic Planet Fitness membership, you will really only be able to get through the door. You won’t have access to anything other than the workout gear, as your membership only covers the bare minimum.

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