Does Planet Fitness Have Boxing Bags?

Planet Fitness can be a great place to work out, assuming they have the equipment you want. If you want to use boxing bags, you may wonder if Planet Fitness is for you.

Most people can’t afford to buy a boxing bag for their house. But some gyms are more expensive, so it makes sense to go to Planet Fitness if they have what you need.

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Are There Boxing Bags at Planet Fitness?

Sadly, boxing bags aren’t available at Planet Fitness. There could be many reasons for this, from the cost of the bags to how much noise they make. Luckily, you can still get fit at Planet Fitness if you have other exercises you want to do.

Why Planet Fitness Doesn’t Have Boxing Bags

Planet Fitness doesn’t state why they don’t have boxing bags. However, based on what the gym does say, it’s easy to speculate and come up with potential reasons.

Does Planet Fitness Have Boxing Bags

Here are some possibilities for why you won’t find boxing bags at Planet Fitness.

Additional Cost

Planet Fitness offers some of the cheapest gym memberships around. That means for the franchisees to make a profit, they have to keep costs low.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Boxing Bags

Adding boxing bags can quickly get expensive, with one bag costing about $120 to $140 on average. If a gym added 10 bags, that means the owner would spend $1,200 to $1,400 or so.

Plus, they’d have to pay to maintain the bags. And if a bag breaks, the owner would need to replace it, so Planet Fitness might not want to worry about that.

Lack of Demand

The ideal Planet Fitness client might not want to use a punching bag. They tend to attract beginners or people who haven’t worked out in a while.

A beginner may want to start with an easier exercise, such as using a treadmill. Clients may also gravitate toward smaller weights.

That lack of demand means that spending money on boxing bags isn’t going to pay off. A Planet Fitness franchisee would be better off investing in another treadmill, for example.

Potential for Intimidation

Planet Fitness’s goal is to be a “judgment-free zone” for its clients. When people use punching bags, it’s not uncommon for them to grunt or make other noises.

The bag itself can also be quite loud, which can be intimidating to others. Since Planet Fitness doesn’t want members to judge each other, it makes sense to focus on quieter exercises.

Even if intimidation isn’t the intent, it can easily appear that way. So it makes sense to let people focus on their own workouts.

Safety Risks

Another possible reason why there aren’t boxing bags at Planet Fitness is safety. You can hurt yourself significantly if you don’t use boxing gloves.

And since Planet Fitness caters to beginners, there’s a good chance members don’t have the proper gear to use a punching bag. Even if someone has the gear, they may not know how to punch well without getting hurt.

Planet Fitness has personal trainers and classes. But they can’t monitor everyone in the gym, so they might not want to risk people hurting themselves.

Boxing Bag Alternatives at Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness doesn’t have boxing bags, but there are alternatives. The best option is to find another member who’s willing to be a sparring partner. As long as you both know the basics, you can find some space on the floor to work out.

Another option is to bring your own focus mitts or something similar. Ask a member or a guest to hold the mitts while you punch at them.

Of course, you can also think about your goals and reasons for boxing. Then, you can use the equipment at Planet Fitness to achieve similar goals, such as using weights to build strength.

If you don’t want to go to the gym, you can find a pillow or couch cushion in your home. Use that as an alternative to a punching bag.

Cardio Exercises

If your goal for boxing is to get your heart rate up, focus on cardio. You can get on a treadmill or a stair climber to help burn some calories.

Most Planet Fitness locations will have at least a few of these machines available. The specifics can vary based on your location and what day and time you go.

If you aren’t sure which machine to use, schedule a training session. A personal trainer can help you find an exercise that will give you similar results to boxing.

Strength Exercises

Maybe your reason for boxing is to build strength. A good way to do that at Planet Fitness is to do some weight training. The gym has free weights that you can use, but there aren’t any power racks.

You can also use your own body weight to work on your strength. For example, you might do some squats for leg strength. Pushups and planks are great for making your arms stronger.

As with cardio, you can meet with a personal trainer for strength training. Then, you can get a personalized plan to follow at Planet Fitness.

Does Planet Fitness Provide Boxing Bags?

Sadly, you won’t find boxing bags at Planet Fitness. It could be due to the cost, the safety risks, or some other reasons. Either way, you can bring your own focus mitts and ask a friend to hold them for you. Or you can use a couch cushion and practice boxing at home.

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