Does Planet Fitness Have Family Plans?

Looking for an affordable way to keep the whole family fit and active? You may be wondering, “Does Planet Fitness have family plans?”

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When it comes to family options, things get a bit more interesting.

But here’s the kicker – navigating the world of gym memberships can be as tough as a high-intensity workout.

So, is there a straightforward answer to the family plans at Planet Fitness, or is it more of a fitness riddle we need to solve?

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Does Planet Fitness Have Plans for Families?

Planet Fitness doesn’t offer a “family plan” per se, but there are options. The closest plan would be the PF Black Card tier since it lets the member bring a guest. An adult can sign up as a member and bring their spouse or a teenager or adult child to Planet Fitness.

While there aren’t any group plans, Planet Fitness is relatively affordable. So you could sign up with individual memberships and still save money over other gyms.

How to Use Planet Fitness as a Family

Using Planet Fitness as a family can be an excellent option. The gym is welcoming to all levels, so it’s perfect if one of you is a beginner and another is more advanced.

Does Planet Fitness Offer a Family Plan

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you use Planet Fitness with your family, even though you can’t get a family plan, specifically.

Purchase a PF Black Card Membership

If your family is just you and a spouse or you and one teenager, you can get a PF Black Card membership. This will allow you to go to any Planet Fitness location, and you can bring a guest.

Does Planet Fitness Have Family Plans

Larger families may want to purchase multiple PF Black Card memberships. For example, a family of four can get by with two memberships at this tier.

That way, you can all go together. The two people with memberships can bring the other two in your family as guests.

Now, you can’t use all of the premium amenities when you have a guest. The guest has to stay with you, so this is only a good choice if you all want to do the same exercises.

Buy Individual Memberships

Another option is to buy everyone in your family their own Classic membership. This means everyone will be able to go to Planet Fitness alone.

If you want the extra features, you can get a PF Black Card membership. But if you don’t need to bring a relative as a guest, it’s not necessary.

When you all have your own memberships, this gives you more freedom. For example, you may go to the gym before work. However, your high schooler or college student may choose to go after they’re done with school for the day.

Use the Planet Fitness App

If you have any kids who are less than 13 years old, they can’t go to Planet Fitness. However, as a member, you’ll have access to the Planet Fitness app.

The app offers a lot of features, one of which is workout videos. You can follow along with those exercises at home, so you can involve the whole family.

Then, you won’t have to worry about excluding your preteens. Everyone will get to start exercising and building healthy habits. Once your kids turn 13, you can start to take them to the gym or get them a membership.

Schedule a Family Workout

If you go with a PF Black Card, you’ll need to schedule a time to work out with your family. You have to stay with your guest the entire time that you’re both at the gym.

Consider setting aside time before or after work. Or you can go on the weekends and exercise with your loved ones.

Then, you can hold each other accountable. And you can enjoy the basic amenities at Planet Fitness as you get fit. Just make sure everyone has time to go at the same time, or you may find individual memberships will work better for you.

Request a Free Day Pass

Before you join Planet Fitness, consider getting a Free Day Pass. This pass will grant you access to one club for a whole day. You can start out with a tour of the location to learn where everything is.

Then, you and your family will be able to test out the machines to see what you like. After the day is over, you can talk about your experience and decide if you want to pay for a Planet Fitness membership.

Everyone who wants to go will need their own free pass. But you can all go off on your own and explore the equipment that interests you. Then, you may learn the gym is the perfect fit, or you can look elsewhere.

Find Childcare

If you have younger kids but want to take your spouse or older kids to the gym, you’ll need to arrange childcare. Planet Fitness doesn’t offer childcare services.

You can ask a friend or neighbor to look after your kids. Then, you and your partner can work out together and get some time away from childcare responsibilities.

Another option is to make time for a workout when your kids are at school or in daycare. That way, you won’t have to find a babysitter.

Does Planet Fitness Offer a Family Plan?

The PF Black Card membership is the closest to a family plan that Planet Fitness offers. But it’s still an individual membership that simply allows you to bring a guest. Fortunately, you have other options to work out with your family, such as everyone getting their own membership.

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