Does Planet Fitness Have Cycling Classes?

If you are new to Planet Fitness, you may be wondering if it offers cycling classes or other fitness classes. This can be an important detail of your gym membership, especially if you are trying to become more active.

This is an important detail to find out if you have a new Planet Fitness membership or are considering getting one. You will want to get a good idea of what services it offers and whether or not it has fitness classes.

To find out whether Planet Fitness has cycling classes or not, keep reading.

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Are There Cycling Classes at Planet Fitness?

There are not any cycling classes available at Planet Fitness as it does not offer specialty classes for members. This is something that it doesn’t do in order to keep its rates low for its members, as it is known for being an affordable gym.

If Planet Fitness began to add a bunch of special classes, it would have to raise its rates to counteract the costs. Either that, or it would have to charge separately for these kinds of fitness classes.

This is something that Planet Fitness does not want to do, at least for right now. It is most well known for its affordable prices, and it wants to keep it that way.

This is a common complaint amongst ex Planet Fitness members, as many expect to have access to a variety of classes. Most gyms offer classes, making Planet Fitness a rare gym that does not have this option.

Though it is important to remember that other gyms with these special classes are often more expensive or price the classes individually. This still makes Planet Fitness the better option if you have a limited budget for the gym.

What Classes Does Planet Fitness Have?

Planet Fitness has a PE@PF fitness training program that is composed of fitness trainers that work at these gym locations. These trainers are available at the gym, and can help members with any of their fitness needs

This is not a class that you may think of as a cycling class, this is more of a program. There are occasionally small groups that train with these PE@PF trainers, but these are not really classes.

These groups are formed to help teach members how to create an exercise program for themselves. It instructs them on the best workouts and workout combinations to reach their goals.

This falls in alignment with Planet Fitness’s mission to encourage its members to live a more active lifestyle.

Does Planet Fitness Have Online Classes?

Does Planet Fitness Offer Cycling Classes

Though Planet Fitness does not officially have online classes that you can access, there are some on its Facebook page.

With so many gyms having to shut down temporarily recently, Planet Fitness started putting classes on its Facebook page. These are informal classes mere;y created by the Planet Fitness trainers.

They are basic workout videos that anyone can follow from home in order to still get their body moving.

The Planet Fitness app also offers exercise plans that you can follow as they are available to all members. These can be used at home if you can’t go to the gym or can be used at your gym workout.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Cycling Classes?

Planet Fitness does not offer any kind of cycling classes or other classes, for that matter. Planet Fitness does not have special fitness classes like many other gyms have.

Does Planet Fitness Have Cycling Classes

This is mostly due to the extra cost that these classes would entail. Planet fitness provides itself with remaining affordable and has made a name for itself by being affordable for members.

If it were to extend its services to include a variety of classes, it would have to raise its monthly membership fee. That or it would end up having to charge for each class that you took.

Either way, this is not a change that Planet Fitness is ready to make just yet. For now, it only offers its PE@PF program, which is run by fitness trainers that work for Planet Fitness.

This gives you access to small exercise groups and assistance with anything you need diving your workout at the gym. There are almost always at least a few trainers around if you need one to help you out.

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