Does Planet Fitness Have Kickboxing Classes?

If you are new to Planet Fitness and are looking for a gym to become a member of, you may be wondering if Planet Fitness offers kickboxing classes. Or if it has any other kinds of classes or fitness programs you can use.

This is a good question to ask if you are in the process of picking a gym. You want to make sure you pick one that has all of the options that you are looking for in your fitness journey.

Keep reading to find out if Planet Fitness has kickboxing classes or not.

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Are There Kickboxing Classes at Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness does not offer any kind of kickboxing classes at its gym locations. It keeps its services very simple and only offers the bare minimum at its gyms. This is part of why many people do not like Planet Fitness and choose not to go there.

Unlike other gyms, Planet Fitness has very few services that it actually offers. It does not have a variety of classes or special things that members can be a part of.

It also only offers the bare minimum when it comes to exercise equipment, with very few weight lifting options. This is probably the biggest complaint against Planet Fitness as it is not designed for massive muscle gain.

Planet Fitness has created a fitness empire around healthy living and an active lifestyle. That is why it generally tends to keep its equipment minimal and easy to use for everyone.

It also does this as fewer services allow it to keep its membership prices down so that it is still affordable. If it offered too many other options or classes, it would have to raise membership fees.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Any Fitness Classes?

Since Planet Fitness’s very early years, it has only offered one option when it comes to fitness classes or activities. This is its PE@PF fitness training that it offers for free to its members.

This PE@PF training is done by certified trainers that are available to help you find workout gear, workout safely, and get advice.

Small group training sessions are also held in order to help members find a workout program. This instructs you on how to best workout and what workout combinations to try to meet your fitness goals.

These are not official fitness classes and are available to any kind of Planet Fitness member. Whether you are a black card member or have the basic membership plan.

This is the only kind of fitness program or class that Planet Fitness has available to its members. This is not meant to help you bulk up or anything else, it is designed to help you figure out how to become healthier.

This goes hand in hand with Planet Fitness’s mission to help people live a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Does Planet Fitness Offer Kickboxing Classes?

Does Planet Fitness Have Kickboxing Classes

Planet Fitness does not offer kickboxing classes or any other kind of special fitness class. Planet Fitness keeps its services very minimal in order to avoid raising its monthly membership fees.

Doing this helps the company to keep its rates affordable, while still providing a top-quality location for people to workout.

Planet Fitness does offer its own special PE@PF training that is run by fitness trainers that are available at the gym locations. This is more of a small group kind of program that is not official but is held frequently.

This is not a class but is aimed at teaching members how to create a workout program for themselves. This focuses on teaching exercises and showing how to combine them to achieve the best results.

These trainers are also available at most times of the day to help members find gear, learn how to use them, and get fitness advice. This is especially useful to those who are new to Planet Fitness and need help getting used to it.

This is a common complaint amongst many people, as they expect to have access to more classes. Many gyms offer classes like kickboxing classes, but they also tend to be more expensive than Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness must limit the services it offers in order to keep its rates at a reasonable point for its members to enjoy.

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