Does Planet Fitness Take Your Picture?

If you want to start attending Planet Fitness and get a membership, you may be wondering if they take a photo of you. This is a common practice at many gyms now as a form of identifying their members as they check-in.

If you are interested in making Planet Fitness your personal gym, this may be a question that you have.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Planet Fitness requires that you have a photo taken once you become a gym member.

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Will Planet Fitness Take My Picture?

Planet Fitness staff will take your picture once you become a Planet Fitness gym member. This will go into your member profile as part of your identification when you check in to the gym to workout as a paying member.

Every member has a member profile that will help Planet Fitness staff to know who you are. As well as identify that you are actually one of the paying members of that gym.

Once you get a membership and have your first gym visit, Planet Fitness staff will ask to take your photo. This will generally be done at the front desk where they can get a clear headshot of you.

You do not need to worry about where this photo will go, it will only be used for your profile. Your photo will not be used in any other way or end up anywhere else.

This will help to ensure that no one can use your membership and pretend to be you. Your profile photo is just one way that can help Planet Fitness staff to know that you are who you say you are.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Membership to Get into Planet Fitness?

If you are not a Planet Fitness member, you cannot simply walk into the gym to use the facilities. Planet Fitness is a membership-based gym, and only members are allowed inside to use the gym area.

You also cannot simply use someone else’s gym membership if you know them and they give it to you. This is also not allowed as you are not the one paying for the membership.

Does Planet Fitness Take Your Picture

This is not allowed by Planet Fitness as only one person can use a membership. There are no family plans or any way to share your membership with other people.

The only way around this rule is if you are a black card member and can bring a guest. This membership plan allows you to bring someone with you for free every time you go to the gym.

But they cannot use your membership to get into the gym as you since your profile will pop up and show that they aren’t the paying member. They must be accompanied by you to the gym if they are your guest, they cannot go alone.

The profile photo is just one of the key details that will give you away and show that you are not the member. This will result in you not being allowed into the gym.

Can I Use Planet Fitness Without an ID?

You cannot enter any Planet Fitness gym without your member ID, whether it be digital or physical. This shows that you are a paying member and are allowed to use the gym.

Planet Fitness is very strict about this since people could easily try to use the gym without paying for it by claiming to be a member. If you forget your ID, you could let the staff know and give them your details.

As long as you know your account details, the Planet Fitness staff should be able to help you get a new ID to use. That or you can simply use the Planet Fitness app to get a digital ID.

Using a digital ID is faster and removes the risk of you leaving your ID at home or in your car. It also allows for a faster check-in, letting you get to working out as soon as you arrive.

If you are not a member and do not have an ID, you will need to become a member to use the gym. Non-members are not allowed to workout at Planet Fitness unless they get a membership.

If you want to be able to workout at Planet Fitness, you will need to pick one of the two membership options.

Do Planet Fitness Members Have Their Picture Taken?

If you want to become a Planet Fitness member, you should expect to have your picture taken. This is part of what happens when your PLanet Fitness profile is created.

This picture is going to be a headshot that a Planet Fitness staff member will quickly take for you. This will be attached to your profile so that they can see your photo as you check-in.

This is part of what shows that you are actually you when you check in to get a workout in. This way, someone else can’t just take your ID and try to check in as though they were you.

If you would like to go digital, you can always use the Planet Fitness app to use a digital ID. This is easier and faster and eliminates the worry of losing your ID or forgetting it when you go to the gym.

This can also help to reduce the risks of someone else trying to use your ID to get into the gym. Overall, it is best to go digital to help make checking in to Planet Fitness easier and faster.

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