Does Popeyes Take American Express?

If you want to go out to eat at Popeyes, you may wonder if it will take American Express. This is a good question to ask since every restaurant accepts different kinds of payment forms and may not accept others.

The last thing that you want to do is get to Popeyes, looking forward to your meal only to find that it doesn’t take American Express. That is why it is important to find out these kinds of details before going to the restaurants.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Popeyes accept American Express as a form of payment.

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Will Popeyes Accept American Express?

Popeyes now accepts American Express cards as a valid form of payment. This is something that it used to not accept but now does as it has broadened its payment options. This is good news for any American Express users.

Does Popeyes Take American Express

Though it is important to know that not every Popeyes is going to accept American Express cards. Every franchise has the ability to create its own valid payment options, so some still do not accept American Express.

Because of this, you will need to look into whether or not your Popeyes will take American Express. Every location is a bit different, and some won’t accept this payment option in the restaurant.

To see if your local Popeyes will take American Express, you can always call them to ask. They should be able to quickly tell you over the phone if that location will take American Express.

You could also ask in the restaurant if you have a backup payment option in case it doesn’t take American Express.

Does Popeyes Take Google Pay?

Ever since 2019, Popeyes has accepted Google pay as one of its valid forms of payment. This is good news for anyone who enjoys using Google pay instead of traditional forms of payment.

With Google pay, you have the luxury of being able to pay directly from your phone at the restaurant. This makes paying easy and fast and without the need for any cards or cash.

All you have to do is make sure that you have Google pay set up on your phone and that you have opened an account. Once you have done that, you can pay easily from your phone using google pay at Popeyes.

Does Popeyes Have Apple Pay?

Popeyes also offers Apple pay as a valid means of paying for your food. This lends just one more, easy option that you can use to pay at Popeyes if you don’t want to use a card or cash.

This is an easy option as all you have to do is have an Apple pay account and your phone in hand. You will want to notify the Popeyes staff that you intend to use Apple pay to pay for your food.

It is also important to keep in mind that every Popeye location has the right to offer different payment methods. This means that there may be some Popeye locations that do not accept Apple pay.

If this is a concern that you have, you can always call your local Popeyes location or ask in person. This is part of why you should always let the staff know what kind of payment o[tion you are going to use.

You do not want to place your order only to find that your payment option is not accepted there. This is why it is a good idea to have a backup option just in case this were to happen to you.

Can I Use American Express at Popeyes?

Popeyes generally takes American Express, though it used to not offer this as a valid option. Even now, there are still Popeyes locations that do not take American Express.

Every Popeye location has the ability to list its own payment options, this means that some locations won’t accept certain kinds of payment. This can be frustrating and a bit confusing to many customers who want to eat there.

Because of this, you will want to ask your Popeye location if it takes American express. It is always better to ask just in case and avoid a disappointing trip to the restaurant only to find that it doesn’t take American Express.

Most Popeyes will also accept Google and Apple pay as valid forms of payment. This makes it incredibly easy to pay for your food as you can do it straight from your phone.

Though the same rule applies here as not every Popeyes location will accept these forms of payment. Each franchise has the ability to choose its own payment options, and some may not take what others take.

These are just some things to keep in mind if you want to go out to eat at Popeyes. It generally offers a great selection of payment options, though you should always double check just to be sure.

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