Does Office Depot Take Apple Pay?

If you want to shop at office depot, you may wonder if this store will accept Apple pay as a valid payment method. This is a good question since Apple pay is very popular, and more and more stores are starting to accept it.

Though its popularity, Apple pay is still not accepted everywhere, so you always want to look into this detail. Especially if you mostly rely on being able to pay for things through Apple pay instead of other payment forms.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Office Depot will accept Apple pay.

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Does Office Depot Accept Apple Pay?

As of 2021, Office Depot has stopped allowing customers to pay with Apple pay in stores or online. This was a sudden change considering Office Depot started to accept Apple pay seven years ago and had been doing very well.

Does Office Depot Take Apple Pay

This announcement came suddenly as Apple payment options were removed from in-store locations and the Office Depot website. Leaving many customers disappointed.

This is a disappointment to many Office Depot customers who relied on using Apple pay to make purchases. This is a very popular payment option that provides an easy and digital payment method.

The company did not explain this decision, however, so we may never know why it decided to make this change. Office Depot customers who continue to shop there will have to use other forms of payment.

No matter how you look at it, this is a big downside for this company. Especially as the demand for more digital payment methods is only going to grow even more in the nearby future.

Does Office Depot Accept Paypal?

Though Office Depot does not accept Apple pay any longer, it does accept Paypal. You can easily pay through Paypal for your Office Depot purchases in-store or online.

All you have to do is, choose the Paypal option at the cash register and start the payment process to complete your translation. Online, you will be sent into a secure gateway to connect to your Paypal account.

This allows you to use Paypal for online purchases safely without the risk of your information being revealed. Though this is not quite like Apple pay, it does provide a digital payment option.

Most, if not all people have Paypal and can easily use this option to pay for their items digitally. This makes it a great alternative option for Apple pay for those who want to pay digitally.

Paypal is secure and provides an easy way to pay for your items, whether you are buying them in person or online.

What Payments Does Office Depot Accept?

Though Apple pay is no longer an option at Office Depot, it still has plenty of options to offer customers. There is no lack of payment options at this store, making it more accessible to more customers.

At Office Depot, you can pay in the store with cash or with a personal check. Though it is worth mentioning that checks must come from a reputable bank in order to be trusted by Office Depot.

Office Depot also offers its own credit cards, which can be used to purchase items depending on how much you put on the card. You can also use Office Depot gift cards for in-store and online purchases.

Office Depot will accept any credit or debit card that has been issued by a reputable bank. This gives you a lot of freedom to use the cards that you have as long as they are in good standing.

Samsung pay is also accepted along with Paypal for in-store and online purchases. These can be added to your digital wallet when you have an account for the Office Depot website.

Can I Pay with Apple Pay at Office Depot?

Though Office Depot used to accept Apple pay, it stopped doing so in 2021. Now it no longer accepts Apple pay in stores or online at any Office Depot locations.

This came as a shock to many long-time customers as Office Depot has been allowing customers to use Apple pay for seven years. This greatly decreased the digital payment options, coming as a disappointment to many customers.

Though Office Depot no longer accepts Apple pay, it does accept several other forms of payment. This includes personal checks from a reputable bank and all credit and debit cards from reputable companies.

You can also pay with an Office Depot credit card, rewards card, gift card, or in cash. All of these options can be used to pay in-stores as well as online, all except the cash and check option.

Though the loss of Apple pay as an option came as a blow to many customers, Office Depot still offers plenty of alternatives. Two other digital payment options are Paypal and Samsung pay.

Both can be used in-store or online to make your purchases quickly and easily. If you have an account on the Office Depot website, you can create a digital wallet of your preferred payment options as well.

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