Does Publix Sell Halloween Horror Nights Tickets?

If you’ve ever been to Florida, you probably know that Publix is a major grocery store. But if you’re in town for Halloween Horror Night, it could be more than that.

Before you buy your tickets, consider if Publix carries them. Then, you can get what you need and maybe save time or money.

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Does Publix Have Halloween Horror Night Tickets?

Publix has Halloween Horror Night tickets, and they usually cost less than at Universal Studios. However, the price can vary from day to day. The store carries tickets starting around August or September up until the end of October.

Be sure to contact your local Publix before you buy tickets. Then, you can make sure they have the tickets, and you can learn how much you’ll save.

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What Is Halloween Horror Nights?

Halloween Horror Nights refers to a series of nights at Universal Studios in September and October. The event has haunted houses, live entertainment, and other scary things.

Universal Studios hosts the event in Orlando as well as Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore. If you go to Publix, though, you’re probably looking at the Orlando location.

Why Get Halloween Horror Night Tickets at Publix

If you want to go to Halloween Horror Night, Publix sells the tickets you need. You can buy tickets at the gate, but that’s not always the best choice.

Here are a few benefits of buying your tickets at a local grocery store instead.

Save Money

When you buy HHN tickets at Publix, you’ll almost always get a discount. Sadly, the discount can vary from day to day. If you want to save the most money, check the price every day for a week or two.

Look for patterns in the tickets to help decide the best day to buy yours. Then, you could save more money than on other days. Just make sure you don’t wait too long because the prices could go up later in the fall.

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Save Time

Another advantage of going to Publix is that you can save time. Especially if you want to go to Halloween Horror Night on Halloween, the line for tickets could be extremely long.

But at Publix, the line may be shorter, or it could at least move quicker. If you get your tickets before you go to Universal, you won’t have to worry about waiting. That means you could also get away with leaving for the park later, so you’ll have more time for other things.

Even if you aren’t going on a super busy day, Publix could still help you save time.

Combine Errands

Maybe you need to get groceries as well as HHN tickets. Go to Publix and kill two birds with one stone to further save time.

You can shop for the food you need, including a meal to eat before heading to the park. Then, you can mention to the cashier that you want to buy tickets for Halloween Horror Nights.

If you already need to get food, it makes sense to buy other things at Publix. Then, you’ll have everything you need before heading to Universal Studios.

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Plan Ahead

If you like to plan ahead for things, Publix is great. You can buy your HHN tickets up to a month in advance of when you want to go to the event.

Buying them early also means you don’t have to worry about Publix being out of tickets. And it will give you time to watch the prices change.

That way, you’ll be able to maximize your chances of getting the best deal. Whether you live in Florida or will be visiting, going to Publix is the perfect way to finalize your plans for Universal.

How Many HHN Tickets Can You Buy at Publix?

You can buy as many Halloween Horror Night tickets as you want. Publix allows you to spend up to $3,000 on anything without showing a photo ID.

However, you can buy more than that if you show an ID to an employee. Then, you can get tickets for yourself, your family, and any friends who want to go.

Now, most people probably won’t spend $3,000 on HHN tickets. Still, it’s good to know they don’t set a cap on how much you can buy.

How Much Can You Save on HHN Tickets?

You could save at least $20 per ticket or as much as $70 per ticket. If you buy your HHN tickets at the gate, you should expect to pay $120 each.

Buying the tickets online costs around $70, but Publix can sell the tickets for as little as $50 apiece. So a group of four could save up to $280.

Then, you’ll have extra money to spend on refreshments at the park. Or you could use the savings to buy day passes so that you can spend time at the regular Universal Studios.

Can You Bring Children to Halloween Horror Nights?

You can bring your kids to Halloween Horror Nights. Some people recommend that you don’t bring anyone under 13 years old.

However, you know your child best, though. If you think your child can handle it, you’re more than welcome to get them a ticket.

Can You Buy Halloween Horror Night Tickets at Publix?

You can buy Halloween Horror Night tickets at Publix. The tickets usually cost significantly less than at the gate, so the savings can add up for large groups. Don’t be afraid to buy tickets ahead of time and pick up some groceries as well.

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