Does Shopee Ship to the USA?

Ordering from international stores, such as Shopee can be nice. But international shipping can add up, and not every store ships to the USA.

Before you place your order, consider what you’ll need to do to get your items. Then, you can decide if ordering from Shopee is worth it to you.

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Will Shopee Ship to the USA?

Shopee can ship to the USA, but the rates will be very expensive. A more affordable option is to acquire a MyUS address in the UK. Then, you can order your package there, and the service will forward it to you in America.

Once you set up MyUS, you can order from Shopee Philippines. You might not be able to order from other countries.

shopee shipping to USA

How to Order From Shopee

Ordering something from Shopee can be easy, but shipping gets more complex. Consider the following steps to decide if you want to shop online at Shopee.

You can ship directly to your US address, but there are more cost-effective options. As long as you can wait, you should use these steps to purchase something from Shopee.

Select a Country

Before you can even pick out what you want, you need to select a country. You can order from the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, and other Asian countries.

Each place might have different items, so check out multiple shop locations. Then, you can find what you want from the various stores.

If you limit yourself to just one country, you may not get everything you need or want. But combining countries allows you to shop for almost anything you could desire.

shopee in philippes and asia

Find What You Want

Once you select a location, you can search for specific items. Then, you’ll be able to learn if the country you selected has the item you want in the correct size.

Alternatively, you can browse the available options. Sometimes, window shopping online is a good choice, and you might find something to purchase.

If you don’t find anything you like, head back to the main Shopee page. Look through all of the countries to fill up your cart and place different orders.

Use a Different Address

You might be able to use your USA address for delivery of Shopee products. However, shipping from Asia can be very expensive.

Shipping your items to the UK is more affordable, so you’ll need to sign up with a freight forwarding service. MyUS is a popular choice for getting items from the UK to the US.

You’ll be able to shop from Shopee and other Asian-based online stores. Instead of using your home address, use the one that MyUS provides you.

Track Your Package

You should get a tracking number to watch your packages arrive in the UK. When that happens, you can have MyUS ship them to your home address.

If you order multiple packages, you can also ask them to combine the boxes. That can help you save on shipping costs from the UK to the US.

Since you might need to order from different Shopee locations, combining packages comes in handy. It also allows you to get everything at once, so you don’t have to watch your porch every day.

Of course, the freight forwarder should give you a new tracking number. Use that to keep an eye on your packages as they enter the US and make their way to your city.

Find Dupes on Other Sites

If you don’t want to deal with a freight forwarder, you can still window shop on Shopee. However, instead of buying from them, open Amazon in a new tab. You can also open other eCommerce stores that ship to the US for cheap.

Then, look for the items you want to see if Amazon or another store carries them. That might be a lot cheaper than going through Shopee and a third-party shipping service.

Plus, you can get your package much sooner, especially through Amazon Prime. You won’t be able to find all of the products you could want, but it’s a nice place to start.

Why Would You Order From Shopee?

You might order from Shopee because it’s very cheap. Using the Philippines store as an example, you could get free shipping on orders of as little as 199 Philippine pesos. That amounts to about $3.50 in the US, depending on the conversion rate.

When it comes to products, a phone case sells for as little as 48 pesos. That’s about $0.86 in the US, which is significantly cheaper than phone cases you can buy domestically.

Of course, you might need to wait longer for shipping. But if you’re on a budget, shopping online internationally might help you save a bit of money.

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Does Shopee Offer Free Shipping?

Shopee occasionally offers free shipping. As of this writing, they have a flash sale of free shipping for an hour each day. Now, the current flash hour is noon to 1 in the Philippines, which is about 9 to midnight the prior day for the continental US.

If you don’t get free shipping, the shipping rates can still be affordable. You might need to pay a certain amount of money, but that’s pretty common.

How Long Does Shopee Take to Deliver to the USA?

It can take anywhere from 9 to 18 days for a Shopee order to arrive at your US address. If you use a freight forwarder, the total shipping can take even longer.

That same 9 to 18 days is the delivery time for UK orders. And that doesn’t account for the time it will take for MyUS or a similar service to get the package to you.

You’ll have to decide if you’re willing to wait for the shipment. If not, you might want to shop for some similar items from stores with faster delivery times, such as Amazon.

Can Shopee Ship to the USA?

Shopee can ship to the USA, but it can be expensive and take a long time. You can use a service such as MyUS to order Shopee products to the UK. Then, you might save money on shipping, but it can take even longer.

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