Does Sonic Have Banana Splits?

Sonic is an excellent place to stop if you’re craving a sweet treat. The restaurant serves ice cream and occasionally has limited-time offers.

But when you’re craving a banana split, you should know where to go. Consider if you can fill that craving at your local Sonic.

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Does Sonic Sell Banana Splits?

Sonic doesn’t sell banana splits as a standard menu item. However, the restaurant has all of the standard banana split ingredients, so you could ask to custom-make one. Not all locations will fulfill this request, so you may need to go elsewhere for ice cream.

If your local Sonic will make a banana split, it will have to be in a cup. They probably won’t have the container to make a traditional banana split.

banana splits at Sonic

What to Consider Before Ordering a Banana Split at Sonic

Sonic no longer serves banana splits on the standard menu. However, as with many restaurants, you can get creative with how you place your order at Sonic.

Before you try and do a custom order, consider the following barriers to getting the treat you desire.

It’s Not Always an Option

Even though you can customize your ice cream, you might not always get a banana split or something similar. The option may vary between locations, especially if one is out of stock of bananas.

You might also find the option depends on who’s working at the store. Some employees might be more willing to make a special treat than others. Because of that, you might get a banana split one time but not the next.

It Will Come in a Cup

Assuming an employee is willing to make a banana split, it won’t come in the standard container that Sonic used to use. They only have cups for ice cream, so the banana split will look a bit different.

It will also use banana pieces instead of long slices. You can still enjoy the flavors, but don’t expect the appearance to be the same. If you can get past that, you can order the custom dessert on your next Sonic trip.

banana split in cup

You May Pay Extra

Depending on how the restaurant rings you up, the banana split could cost a bit more than other ice cream options. You may owe more for extra toppings, for example.

Keep that in mind when reviewing the menu. Now, you might luck out and not have to pay extra, but prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If the restaurant charges more, you’ll have the money, and if they don’t, you can save that cash.

How to Order a Banana Split at Sonic

If you want to order a banana split or something similar, you can do so at Sonic. However, there are a few things you should do when placing your order to improve the chances of getting what you want.

Consider the following things when you order ice cream.

Order at the Restaurant

You can order something that resembles a banana split online or in the app. However, it will be easier to explain what you want to a person than to customize something digitally.

For one, you can make sure the restaurant has plenty of bananas and chocolate sauce on hand. Sometimes, when you order online, it shows more options than what the location has.

If you have any questions, you can also ask those when you get to the restaurant. Then, you can make sure your order is as good as it can be.

Ask Nicely

When you get to order, be nice to the employee. The employees can’t control the rules of the store, so yelling won’t necessarily get you what you want.

Plus, some employees may be more willing to fulfill a special request for a nicer customer. You don’t have to be the nicest person on the planet. But don’t be afraid to use “please” and “thank you” when placing your order.

Sonic employees have to deal with a lot of people, and some aren’t the nicest. If you can make their day, they might be more open to making a banana split.

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Consider the Toppings You Want

As you place your order, consider what toppings you want on your split. Since you’re doing a custom order, you can’t just order a banana split and expect it to have the standard toppings.

Sonic doesn’t have all of the toppings from when they served banana splits. However, you can get banana pieces, chocolate sauce, and even nuts at some stores.

That’s another good reason to order at the restaurant to ask about special ingredients. You could have a better chance of getting more standard banana split toppings than what’s available online.

Choose Your Size

Of course, you might also need to choose your size, depending on how you order. Consider how much ice cream you want.

You might not always get to choose your size. If you order it as a sundae, there’s only one size option.

Sonic could make the ice cream in a Sonic Blast or shake cup, which comes in various sizes. That can be nice if you want more ice cream than the standard sundae.

Can You Order a Banana Split in the App?

It’s not the best option, but you can order something in the app or online. While you can’t order a banana split, you can order a hot fudge sundae.

As you customize it, you can take off the hot fudge if you don’t want that. Then, you can add banana pieces and chocolate syrup.

Alternatively, you can order a banana shake if you want an ice cream drink. Add chocolate syrup to get more of the flavors you’d get in a banana split.

Can You Order a Banana Split at Sonic?

You can’t order a banana split at Sonic. However, you can customize items like the hot fudge sundae to get something that resembles a split. It won’t be perfect, but if that’s what you’re craving and you’re near Sonic, it can do the job until you can get a proper banana split.

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