Does Shopko Price Match?

If you have bought something at Shopko, you may be wondering if this store offers price matching. This is a good question to ask as more and more shoppers are starting to take full advantage of the benefit of price matching in stores.

This is a great option that allows you to always get the best deals, no matter where you are shopping. Though you should always look into this beforehand as not every store is going to have price matching.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Shopko has price matching and other ways that you can save money when shopping at this store.

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Does Shopko Do Price Matching?

If you enjoy shopping at Shopko, it is worth knowing that this store does not allow for price matching. This is unfortunate for its fans as price matching is the perfect way to get access to the best prices for items out there.

shopko price matching

Shopko is not alone, however, as there are many stores that still do not offer price matching to their customers. Many have their own reasons that they have yet to disclose to their shoppers.

Price matching is when a store will match the price of one of its competitors for the same product. This allows you to get the lowest price while being able to shop where you want to shop.

This prevents you from having to shop where the prices are the best, as you can bring those prices to your favorite stores. This is why so many shoppers eagerly look for stores that offer this option.

This is the best way to get your hands on the best prices for the items that you are buying. Even if you have already purchased that item and paid the larger price.

You can find other ways to save money at Shopko, however, including:

  • Following sales
  • Shopping clearance
  • Looking at the special offers page at Shopko
  • Using coupons

These are all ways that you can still try to save money at Shopko, even though it doesn’t offer price matching.

Does Shopko Do Price Adjusting?

Even though Shopko doesn’t offer price matching, there are other options to look into as well. One of those options is Shopko’s price adjustment policy that it has in place.

This is something that can be just as useful as price matching as it allows you to get the best prices in the store. Price adjusting is different from price matching as it only covers prices in the Shopko stores.

Price adjusting allows you to ask for a partial refund if an item you bought went down in price after you bought it. So if you bought a $15 shirt and it went on sale to be $12 a few days later, you could request a price adjustment.

This is a very useful policy that allows you to still get the benefit of sales and marked-down prices even if you just missed them. All you have to do is make your request within 15 days of having made the purchase.

Keep in mind that price adjustments cannot be used for items that were already marked down in price. This also doesn’t apply to exchanged or replaced items that you may have bought.

You will need to bring your receipt to the Shopko store as proof of your purchase. If you don’t have a receipt, you may not qualify for a piece adjustment, so try to hang onto all of your receipts for a little while.

shopko exchange receipt

Does Shopko Allow Exchanges?

Even though Shopko does not offer any price matching, it does have other beneficial policies for its customers. This includes policies, like its exchange policy that allows you to exchange items that you have bought.

This policy was put into place so that you could be entirely satisfied with your purchase at Shopko. Shopko doesn’t want you to hang onto anything that you don’t want to actually keep.

You are able to get a one-time exchange or refund, depending on what you are wanting. Though you must request this within 30 days of having made the purchase.

You should also do this if you found that something you bought from Shopko was either defective or damaged.

Will Shopko Price Match for Me?

Shopko is one of the many stores that have yet to offer any kind of price matching to its customers. This is unfortunate but not entirely uncommon as many stores still don’t have this kind of store policy.

The good thing is that Shopko does have a price adjustment policy that you can use to save some money. This can be used to help you get the best prices in the store even after you have already bought the item.

You will need to request the price adjustment within 15 days, and you must have your original receipt as proof that you made that purchase yourself.

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