Does Taco Bell Have Salads?

If you want to go out to eat at Taco Bell, you may be wondering if Taco Bell has any salads on the menu. Many people have asked this since salads are one of the best healthy food options and make eating out easier while eating healthy.

Salads are a menu item that many fast-food restaurants are adapting to as people are demanding healthier options. With people becoming more health conscious, this is a natural diuretic for many menus to take.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Taco Bell sells salads on its menu.

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Does Taco Bell Serve Salads?

Taco Bell does not offer any salads on its menu, which is something that many customers have wondered about. It used to have salads on the menu but ended up discontinuing them quite a long time ago and never added other salad options.

Mamu customers have wondered why Taco Bell doesn’t add salads to its menu options. This seems like a pretty natural fit since salads are easy to create into delicious Tex-Mex options.

Many other fast-food restaurants have also jumped on the salad bandwagon, with Taco Bell not taking that step. This is odd considering that Taco Bell has made strides to improve the healthiness of its menu options.

Many fast food places have added salads to their menu to give people easy healthy food options. This is a simple step as salads are easy to make and can be adapted to the kind of food that the restaurant offers.

Despite the high demand for healthier options like salads, Taco Bell has remained firm in not adding them back to its menu. It has shown no signs of adding salad options and doesn’t seem to even be considering it.

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Why Did Taco Bell Discontinue Its Salad Options?

Taco Bell did at one point a few years ago have two salad options on its menu. These only lasted for a small amount of time before becoming discontinued.

Does Taco Bell Have Salads

The salad options that it tried out were the:

  • Taco Bell taco salad
  • Fiesta taco salad

Both options were added to the menu around the same time and were taken off at the same time as well. Though these options are called salads, they weren’t exactly what you might expect.

The Taco Bell taco salad, for example, was a taco shell filled with ground beef, cheese, refried beans, sour cream, tomatoes, lettuce, and crunchy red strips. This was not a very healthy salad and really contained very few vegetables.

Both salads were like this and came as a disappointment to Taco Bell customers. Especially those expecting to get real salad options.

These salads were not very healthy options, and were just as high in calories as anything else on the Taco Bell menu. This was ultimately why these salads failed and were discontinued without much notice.

Is Taco Bell Healthy?

If you are wondering whether or not Taco Bell is healthy, this can be a complicated question. Many people do not think of Taco Bell as being a healthy option at all.

In some aspects, Taco Bell could be considered a place to grab healthier food options. Such as beans, rice, lettuce, and fresh tomatoes.

The food at Taco Bell tends to be nutritionally dense, though it is also fatty and high in sodium. In the last few years, Taco Bell has tried to make its food healthier according to the demand.

These changes include adding more vegetable options to its menu and reducing the sodium that is added to its food. Taco Bell is also very versatile, so you can easily mix and match different items from the menu.

Taco Bell has also embraced more vegetarian options, making it easier to grab a somewhat healthy fast food meal there. These are just a few of the steps that Taco Bell has made to try to offer healthier food options.

What is The Healthiest Option at Taco Bell?

The key to getting healthier food at Taco Bell is to customize your order. You can do this by asking to have certain ingredients replaced with healthier and cleaner alternatives.

You could also ask that anything on the Taco Bell menu be made Fresco style, which removes the high-calorie ingredients with fresh diced tomatoes instead. This creates a leaner meal that is still filling and fresh.

Some of the healthiest options that you can get at Taco Bell from the menu are:

  • Fresno-style beef burrito
  • Crunchy steak taco
  • Bean burrito
  • Beans and rice
  • Veggie power bowl
  • Cheesy roll ups
  • Chicken quesadilla

These options are readily available on the menu and are easy to order. They are lighter on the calories while still tasting just as good and filling you up so that you feel satisfied after your meal.

Are There Salads on The Taco Bell Menu?

As of right now, there are no salad options on the Taco Bell menu after it discontinued the options it did have a few years ago. It did this due to the fact that its salads were not actually all that healthy.

While many of Taco Bell’s competitors are adding salads to their menus, Taco Bell has shown no signs of trying this path again. Instead, it has simply tried to offer a better range of healthier options.

Customers can also mix and match their meals to create healthier options that are customized to their tastes. Changing a menu item to be Fresco style is a popular way of doing this as it removes the high-calorie and high-fat ingredients.

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