Does Walmart Sell Display Items?

If you have been shopping at Walmart and saw some display items up, you may have wondered if you could buy these display items.

display items

Walmart and other stores regularly put items out on display for its customers.

Customers often wonder if these display items can be bought. Especially if they are displaying limited edition items that quickly sell out in the store.

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Will Walmart Sell Display Items?

Walmart does not sell display items to customers because they are not out there for sale. Display items are for display only and are not put out for the public to see as a buying option, they are more of a marketing tactic.

Display items are put out to showcase new items that have come into the store. This typically includes items like:

  • New movies
  • New games
  • The latest technology

These are the most common kinds of merchandise that you will see being displayed at Walmart. Newly released items are typically displayed at the checkout centers, while technology is typically in the tech section.

These displays are used to draw the customer’s attention and get them interested in the new products. This is an old-school marketing tactic that most stores use to generate more sales.

Unfortunately, these are display items only, and they are not put out to be sold. You will have to locate where these items are stocked and buy the item that isn’t being used for display.

After items have been displayed, they cannot be sold by Walmart as they are considered to be opened or used. They have usually been handled by Walmart staff and other customers, so they display items that cannot be sold as new merchandise.

Are Walmart Display Items Real Items?

Many display items at Walmart are actually not real, contrary to popular belief. Many times they are simply shells made to look like the original product.

Does Walmart Sell Display Items

This is often done to cut back on store expenses as Walmart cannot legally sell display items after they have been displayed. So it makes sense that buying fake display items would be much cheaper.

Display items that are electronics are typically not workable items as they lack the inner mechanisms and wiring. While movies and games are typically just the case with no actual movie or game inside.

This allows Walmart to display these new items at a cheaper price and without having to waste merchandise. This also works as a protectant against theft as the display items are worthless and not worth stealing.

This helps Walmart to not have to worry about protecting its display items from customers who may try to steal them.

Why Are Some Walmart Items Display Items Only?

When Walmart receives new merchandise that is intended to be displayed, it often receives a box of display items. These are not intended to be sold, they are for display only.

Certain items like electronics, movies and games are typically not the original product and cannot work. This makes them display only items as they would actually be worthless to use.

Sometimes Walmart does display real items as it cannot have many fake items made. These are still displayed only, as they will be handled by all kinds of people.

These items are displayed only as they cannot be resold to anyone after they are done being displayed. This is not allowed by Walmart’s policies, and they will most likely be discarded.

Can You Buy Display Items at Walmart?

You cannot buy the display items at Walmart as these items are never for sale. They are bought by Walmart purely for the purpose of being displayed in the store.

Many times, these aren’t even workable items as they do not have the wiring, mechanisms, or other things that make them valuable. This is often done to cut costs as well as to discourage theft.

This is important, especially since many display items are for new releases or otherwise expensive merchandise. This puts them at risk if the actual product was to be displayed out in the open for everyone to see.

Display items are also opened and out of the packaging, so they cannot be resold as a new items to a customer.

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