Does Target Sell Magazines?

If you want to buy a magazine, Target may be one of the stores that you first think of. But does Target still sell magazines? Can you buy any kind of magazine at Target?

These are questions that Target customers frequently ask if they are magazine readers. The magazines are still popular, they are not nearly as popular as they used to be, making them a bit harder to find in stores.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Target sells magazines and what kind of magazines it sells if it does carry them.

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Can You Buy Magazines at Target?

If you want to buy magazines, Target is a great place to do this as you have a wide variety of magazines to choose from. Target has always carried magazines and has not shown any sign of removing this product from its stores.

magazine stand at Target

Target is a store that carries a wide variety of merchandise for its customers to choose from. This is part of why Target has remained popular and has continued to have a very loyal following of customers every single year.

At Target, you have all kinds of options, from food, clothing, books, baby items, to pet care. There is just about everything that you could possibly need at the store, depending on what you were looking for.

The magazines at Target are typically displayed around the area of the store where the books are sold. This is where all of the readable merchandise will be as well as videos, technology, and coloring books.

Target carries most of the big-name magazines that you would want to look for, such as:

  • Health Food Business
  • Natural Lifestyle
  • Naturally Good Health
  • In Supply
  • Inside
  • Natural Trade Factory
  • Vista
  • Ihcan

These are just a few of the magazines that you should be able to find at your local Target store. Though you should keep in mind that every Target store is going to have its own assortment of magazines and may not all carry the same kinds.

bridal magazines at Target

Does Target Sell Bridal Magazines?

If you want to go shopping at Target for magazines, you may be wondering if Target also carries bridal magazines. Now you know that Target does, in fact, sell magazines, but bridal magazines are in a league of their own.

Just because a store sells magazines, that does not mean that it is also going to sell bridal magazines. This is an entirely different category of magazine and isn’t going to be carried by just any store.

The good news is that Target does, in fact, sell bridal magazines, though you may have limited options. Most target locations will carry a handful of bridal magazine options that you can choose from when you go shopping at this store.

Are Target Magazines Expensive?

If you want to purchase a magazine at Target, you may be wondering if magazines are more expensive in the store. This is a good question to ask as Target does tend to be a little bit more expensive than most stores that carry the same exact items.

magazines for sale at Target

The magazines at Target usually fall between $7 to $15. This is a little bit more expensive than you could find at cheaper stores that also sell magazines.

Though it is important to remember that magazines already tend to be on the expensive side, especially big brand magazines. Target is on the more expensive side when it comes to magazines, but there are other stores that also sell them for even higher.

So overall, Target is not the worst place to buy magazines if you happen to be there and want to pick up a few other items in the store.

Does Target Carry Magazines?

Target is a good place to get magazines if you are looking for some reading material. Target has always carried magazines and has shown no signs of removing this merchandise from its stores anytime soon.

The magazines are typically displayed with the other reading material, such as the books that target stores also carry. This gives you more than enough reading material options if you happen to be in Target.

All of these magazines will typically be between $7 and $15 per magazine, though this is dependent on the type of magazine you are buying. Target carries all kinds of magazines, including bridal magazines, if you aren’t looking for a specific publisher.

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