Kroger vs. Albertsons

Before you head to the grocery store, consider if you should go to Kroger or Albertsons. Both stores are great, but they’re unique, and one could be better for you.

You should look at everything from the variety of products to the price. That way, you can get what you need without overspending.

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How Do Kroger and Albertsons Compare?

Kroger and Albertsons are both big grocery chains, but Kroger has more items. They also offer lower prices and are available in more states. However, Albertsons has had fewer product recalls than its larger competitor.

If you have access to both stores, consider various factors. Then, you can choose the grocery store that works better for you.

Store Brand Pricing

Kroger tends to have lower prices on its store brand compared to the Albertsons brand. You can save as much as half off the price you’d spend at Albertsons. This is true of categories like beverages, dairy, and frozen foods.

However, Albertsons offers lower prices on dry goods, canned foods, and baking items. If you need those items, you may want to visit the smaller store. And when you live near both, you can plan your shopping accordingly to save the most money.

Of course, these numbers don’t account for sales or coupons. If you find Kroger has a sale on canned items, they may offer a lower price. So check both stores to find the lower prices based on what you need.

Kroger vs. Albertsons

Number of Products

If you want to do all of your shopping in one place, you should consider the variety. That way, you’ll be able to buy anything you could need now or in the future. You won’t have to go around town to get everything on your list.

When that’s the goal, Kroger is your better choice. The store carries 70,000 items, while you can only find around 12,000 items at Albertsons.

Now, don’t let the number of products affect you by itself. Albertsons may carry brands or items that you like that you can’t find at Kroger. Look at the stock at both stores to determine which one has more of what you tend to buy.

Product Recalls

You should also consider if a grocery store gets a lot of products with recalls. If so, it may be okay to shop there, but it’s good to be aware. That way, you’ll know if you may need to switch brands.

Kroger has had recalls of 46 food and beverages, two drugs, two animal and vet products, and one cosmetic item. That’s a total of 51 recalls, while Albertsons has only had eight recalls, all from the food and beverage section.

While Kroger has had more recalls, the ratio is 0.07% of 70,000. That’s still higher than the 0.06% rate of recalls at Albertsons. Looking only at food, the Kroger ratio drops to 0.06%, so it’s basically a tossup.


You can shop at over 1,300 Kroger locations. Most of the stores are in the southeast and the eastern Midwest. But Arizona is also home to one or a few locations. If you don’t live near Kroger, there’s also its child store Dillons with 65 locations throughout Kansas.


Albertsons has 387 locations in 15 states, mostly in the western US. Most of the stores are in California, Texas, and Arizona. That means Texans and Arizonans have access to both stores in their state.

Louisiana is also home to at least a few locations of both stores. If you live elsewhere, though, your location will choose between the shops for you.

Rewards Programs

When you shop at Kroger, you’ll have access to a few rewards programs. You can join the Fuel Points program to get discounts on your gas. There’s also a community rewards program to help fundraise for people in need.

If you live near a Dillons, you can also get a reward card. It will work at Kroger if you move or travel to an area with the parent store. Finally, you can get a Kroger rewards Mastercard to get cashback on purchases at Kroger and elsewhere.

Albertsons lets you earn points that add up to dollar rewards. Once you spend enough money, you can redeem your rewards for discounts on your next shopping trip.

Working There

Maybe you want to work at a grocery store, and you’re deciding between Kroger and Albertsons. Both can be good places to get a job. Kroger tends to pay their cashiers more, but sales associates make more at Albertsons.

Some Albertsons employees think the pay is good, while others say it’s low. They also like the flexibility but don’t care for upper managers.

Kroger employees have the same complaints about pay. They also don’t have the best work-life balance, but some do have more flexibility.

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Shop at Both Kroger and Albertsons

If you live in Arizona, Louisiana, or Texas, you may be able to shop at Kroger and Albertsons. You can get things like dry goods at Albertsons but save dairy for your Kroger trip.

Be sure to join both rewards programs to maximize your savings. And you can use your Kroger Mastercard at both shops.

Is Kroger Better Than Albertsons?

Kroger is better than Albertsons when it comes to locations and product variety. But it had to recall more products than the smaller chain. Prices are also about the same, though each store has lower prices in certain categories, so consider shopping at both if you can.

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