Does U Haul Give AAA Discount?

Many places give AAA discounts. If you are planning on renting a U Haul or some kind of equipment from U Haul you may be wondering if you can get a AAA discount. A discount can make things that much sweeter.

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Will U Haul Give a AAA Discount?

No, U Haul doesn’t have a AAA discount. They really don’t offer any discounts to any groups in particular or specifically. So if you are a part of AAA you will not find any U Haul discounts. While this is unfortunate, that’s just the way things are.

What Are Rental Places that Give AAA Discounts?

Since U Haul doesn’t give AAA discounts, you may want to go somewhere else that does. If having a AAA discount program is really important to you, you may want to consider. For some people, discounts are everything.

If that is the case with you then you may want to try an alternative truck rental place such as Penske. It is from my understanding that Penske is a truck rental company that does have a AAA discount program.

U Haul does offer other discounts on their truck rentals. It just may not be a AAA discount. If it doesn’t really matter to you, then try going after one of their other discounts.

Hertz is another car and truck rental place that offers AAA discounts. If you just prefer to work with U Haul you are going to have to be okay with one of U Hauls other discounts. They do not have AAA discounts but this doesn’t mean they won’t offer you discounts.

If you want to find other rental places that offer AAA discounts, do a Google search. By doing this, you can find other rental places near you that offer AAA discounts or have a similar program.

Does U Haul Offer Any Other Discounts?

Does U Haul Give AAA Discount

Right now, U Haul is offering a 20% discount off of their truck rentals, I believe. However, this is only one of many discounts that U Haul is always offering. They have an entire section dedicated to coupons and discounts.

If you go here to the discounts section first, you will almost likely find something that can make your truck rental cheaper. Everyone likes discounts and discount programs so you can definitely find something good that works for you even if it isn’t a AAA discount. Like any other rental company, U Haul definitely offers discounts for their customers.

Whether you think the discounts are enough or are worth your time. If not, I wouldn’t actually use them but if you do think it’s worth it, I would definitely go after one of the discounts. Discounts are so helpful and can make you pay less than what you normally would pay.

U Haul offers a lot of discounts. You just really have to look for them and look for them well. And it has to actually match what you are renting.

So pay close attention to the criteria or the fine print because this will tell you what you need to have before you can use this deal.

Does U Haul Give AARP Discounts?

AARP is another discount program that some truck rentals offer but U Haul doesn’t. U Haul doesn’t offer AARP discounts and neither does Penske. So if you have AARP, you may really be hoping for a discount from U Haul but there isn’t one.

AARP discounts may be found somewhere else but U Haul and Penske does not have an AARP discount program. As was mentioned, they don’t have any discounts for certain groups. So AARP will not be included in the discounts list.

Why Don’t U Haul Offer AAA Discounts?

U Haul doesn’t offer AAA discounts and there is really no telling why. Maybe U Haul feels that they would lose a lot more money by offering discounts to customers or certain groups of people. Maybe they don’t want to discriminate and feel that this would be a way of doing that by singling out certain groups and offering discounts.

U Haul doesn’t offer an explanation as to why they don’t offer U Haul AAA discounts. One can only assume the reasons why U Haul refuses to offer AAA discounts. Another reason why U Haul doesn’t offer AAA discounts is because they don’t have a program for it.

Does AAA Have A U Haul Discount Program?

AAA has its own discount program and U Haul is not one of the things on there. If it were a AAA discount program, there would be some really great discounts to get for U Haul. So if you are about to move then you may want to look elsewhere for AAA discounts.

There aren’t too many rental places that offer AAA discounts at this point in time. There also aren’t too many rental moving truck places to begin with. So if you need or rather want a AAA discount, you need to do your research.

It’s not going to just come to you. You have to do the research and really look for it online.

Do U Haul Give AAA Discounts

Do U Haul Give AAA Discounts?

No, U Haul does not give AAA discounts. While they may offer some discounts on rentals, they do not offer AAA discounts or military discounts or any other group discounts. Not having a AAA discount program could be a hindrance for many older customers but that’s just how it goes.

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