Does U-Haul Have Cruise Control?

If you are thinking about using a U Haul to make that big move you likely want to know the features that the truck has. Cruise Control is a favorite feature of a lot of people so it is only normal that you would wonder if U Haul has cruise control. Let’s discuss that more.

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Do U-Hauls Have Cruise Control?

Some U Hauls do have cruise control. Not all U Hauls have cruise control. No one knows for sure why some U Hauls have cruise control and others do not but we can assume it is for safety reasons or to save money.

Why Do Most U-Hauls Not Have Cruise Control?

No one knows for sure why most U Hauls do not have cruise control but it is safe to make assumptions in this case. One big reason why U Hauls do not have cruise control is for safety reasons. Even though some of these trucks do have cruise control, U Haul didn’t see fit for every truck to have this feature.

When people have the luxury of cruise control they only have to worry about steering and don’t have to keep up with their speed or how fast they are actually going. So naturally, people can get lazy and fall asleep behind the wheel and crash. Not only can they hurt themselves but they can hurt others.

Falling asleep is the least of the worries. People who use cruise control may attempt to do other dangerous things such as texting and driving and could cause a wreck. Another reason for not having cruise control in all U Haul trucks is money.

Just like with any vehicle, you have to pay extra for more features and it is no different with a U Haul truck. U Haul may not want to pay extra for the cruise control feature.

What Are the Benefits of Having Cruise Control?

Does U Haul Have Cruise Control

There are some amazing benefits to having cruise control. A lot of people know about cruise control but they don’t realize just how good it is to have the cruise control feature. One good benefit to having cruise control is that it can take some of the stress off of the driver.

Drivers often have to drive long distances and this can put stress on their knees and ankles as they try to maintain a certain speed limit. Have you ever driven hours upon hours and then stepped out of the car with stiff and painful knees?

This is exactly what cruise control eliminates. You are at a set speed and you don’t have to try to keep your feet steady to maintain a certain speed limit. It can be even harder to drive and keep that speed limit in a big truck like a U Haul.

Another benefit to having cruise control is that you can pay more attention to your GPS and the directions it is giving you. Trying to do too many things at one time is good for no one. So if you don’t know where you’re going you can focus on GPS and not have to worry about anything but your steering.

What Are the Dangers of Cruise Control?

As I mentioned earlier, there are some serious dangers that come with cruise control. Cruise control can allow a person to get too relaxed when driving and then they start doing careless things like texting and driving. That is the biggest and main issue.

Also, cruise control can definitely malfunction and cause a person to lose control of the vehicle and wreck. Or it could lead to a person driving too fast and not being able to stop because of an issue with the cruise control. Anything man-made like a vehicle feature has to be used wisely and carefully.

These dangers are not the only dangers of cruise control but these are the most important ones.

Does U Haul Have Cruise Control_

Do U-Haul Trucks Have Cruise Control?

Yes, there are many U Haul trucks out there that have cruise control. However, cruise control is not a feature of every single U Haul truck out on the market. There are even more U Haul trucks that do not have cruise control.

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