Does U Haul Have Drivers?

If you are thinking about moving with a U Haul truck you may be wondering if U Haul has drivers to drive their trucks. Keep reading to learn more about whether U Haul has their own drivers.

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Do U Haul Have Drivers?

No, long story short, U-Haul does not have drivers to drive their trucks. Some people think that U-Haul hires drivers to drive their U-Hauls but this is not true. There are no U-Haul drivers and you’ll have to find your own driver or drive yourself.

Can I Hire Someone to Drive My U-Haul?

Yes, you can actually hire someone else to drive your U-Haul. They must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license in the state where they reside. You may want to hire a relative or a friend because these are usually the people you can trust.

I say hire someone you can trust not to damage the U-Haul while they are driving it. If there is any damage done to the vehicle, you will be responsible whether you are actually the one that caused the damage or not. Things can get ugly really quick if you are not careful.

Allowing someone who doesn’t have good driving skills to drive your U-Haul can set you up for failure right away. Driving a U-Haul and operating it is different from driving and operating a car or even an SUV. It takes some time and effort to get it right and make sure you don’t hit or run over anything.

So yes you can hire someone to drive your U-Haul rental but make sure it is someone that is a good driver and that they have a license and are over the age of 18 years old.

Do I Have to Pay Extra for Additional Drivers?

Does U Haul Have Drivers_

No, you do not have to pay extra for additional drivers. You can add anyone as an additional driver as long as they are 18 years or older and have a valid driver’s license. Adding additional drivers may be necessary if you don’t plan on or want to drive the truck yourself.

Can Someone Else Drive My U Haul?

Yes, someone else can drive your U-Haul, as long as they are legal. You can rent a driver basically anywhere in the United States. It may be harder to find rental drivers if you are moving to or from a small town.

It is okay to let someone else drive your U-Haul and there are different companies that will allow you to rent a driver. If you’ve never heard of renting a driver, I would just do a Google Search on it and see what comes up.

Do your due diligence and research before making a decision such as this. It is important that you tread carefully and exercise precautions when choosing a driver. Personally, I wouldn’t suggest you hire anyone but I would suggest you pay a friend or family member or even the friend of a friend to drive the U-Haul for you.

Who Drives the U-Haul?

Anyone you want to drive the U-Haul can drive it as long as they are legal as I mentioned earlier. If anyone should be driving the U-Haul it is the person that rents it but sometimes that is not possible. A person as young as 16 years-old can rent a U-Haul so they would not be able to legally drive the U-Haul even though the rental is in their name.

Whoever you want or choose to drive the U-Haul, that is who gets to do it. Again, I wouldn’t just go pick some random person off the street or even off the internet to drive it. It should be someone you trust because any damages that happen to the U-Haul truck will ultimately be placed on you.

You could find yourself in a messy situation and have to go to court and all of that if the driver has a wreck and harms themself or someone else in the process. They could blame you and sue you because they were driving the truck for you. You will be in even more trouble if you were to let someone underage and illegal drive the truck.

The police will not take this too well so to prevent the police from ever having to step in, I would do the right thing and only hire legal drivers to drive the U-Haul.

Is Driving a U Haul Difficult?

Does U Haul Have Drivers

Driving a U-Haul can be difficult for some people. If you are short, this could pose a slight problem with seating and positioning. There are obviously controls on the seats that make it easier to get comfortable in the U-Haul.

Being short could be an issue but not a serious one. Another issue with driving a U-Haul could be the size of the truck in itself. If it is a big U-Haul you may have trouble seeing over the steering wheel and in the rearview mirror.

If you are not a good driver then you may have difficulties driving the truck yourself. You may need to pump the seat up or like we talked about earlier, get another driver.

What If I Can’t Find Someone to Drive My U Haul?

If you are having trouble finding someone to drive your U-Haul and you can’t drive it yourself, you may want to drive a pickup instead. Or you could dig deeper and try reaching out to more people to see if you can’t find someone trustworthy to drive the U-Haul for you. I would just suggest you be careful during this process.

There are a lot of creeps out there and you wouldn’t want to put yourself in danger.

Do U Haul Have Truck Drivers?

U-Haul does not have truck drivers for whatever reasons. They did not see the need to hire drivers and they never have as far as I know. You’ll have to hire your own truck driver or drive the truck yourself.

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