Does U-Haul Drug Test

If you are wanting to work for U-Haul, you may be concerned over whether or not it does drug tests. This can be important for some people for a number of reasons.

In this article, you will find out whether or not U-Haul does drug tests and what kind it does. So keep reading to find out more about U-Haul drug testing.

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Does U-Haul Do a Drug Test?

U-Haul does do a drug test to make sure its employees are not doing drugs while on the job. This drug test is a urine test that can be done very simply and provide accurate and swift results to U-Haul.

Some people may not be happy about having to do a drug test for U-Haul, but it has good reason for requiring them. As your employer, U-Haul is responsible for how you do your job and how well it is done.

If you are not doing a job or make a serious mistake due to drug use, that will be on the head of U-Haul. It will be responsible for these issues as it hired you and gave you that position to work in.

So having drug tests is a way for U-Haul to watch its back and make sure its employees are being responsible. This is very understandable considering the kind of work U-Haul employees do.

Many employers require regular drug tests depending on what your job is. So, U-Haul is not unique in requiring this of its employees.

Does U-Haul Test for Nicotine?

U-Haul has recently started to implement a new testing policy that requires employees to do a nicotine screening. This is due to nicotine’s addictive effects and potential health risks to the individuals.

This nicotine screening has been added to U-Hauls in states where this kind of test is allowed for employers. You will have to look into your state’s regulations to know whether or not you may be screened for nicotine use.

This test is not instated in all U-Haul locations as it is not allowed in some states. But it is expected to be a part of the requirements for U-Hauls in states where nicotine testing is allowed.

This can be another concern for U-Haul applicants or employees as nicotine usage is more common than drug usage.

A screening that shows that you are positive for nicotine could very well mean that you don’t get the job at U-Haul. or that you are fired for nicotine usage.

Does U-Haul Do a Background Check?

Does U-Haul Drug Test_

U-Haul does do a background check into any of its applicants. This includes a detailed review of any past issues with employers or a criminal background.

How extensive your background check ends up being can negatively affect the time your application takes. As it can take several days to several weeks to get a background check completed.

This is done because U-Haul needs to know just who it is hurting. It is nothing personal, just a precaution that it must take. The good thing is that U-Haul has a history of hiring those with a criminal record, so this will not automatically disqualify you.

Even with a criminal record, you still may be able to get a job at U-Haul.

Does U-Haul Make Employees Do a Drug Test?

U-Haul does do a drug test in order to make sure its employees are not doing drugs on the job. This is usually a urine test done regularly for applicants and employees.

In the future, U-Haul also plans to instate nicotine testing in all its locations. This may already be required in certain states where nicotine testing is permitted by employers.

A background check will also be required for applicants and can take several days to a few weeks to complete. This is just done to help U-Haul understand just who it is hiring.

U-Haul has a history of hiring felons, so even if you have a criminal record, you still could be hired by U-Haul. a criminal record will not automatically disqualify you from the hiring process.

Does U-Haul Drug Test

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