Does U-Haul Have EZ Pass

If you are driving a U-Haul rental, you may be wondering if you have to pay for the tolls even though this isn’t your vehicle. Or you can just use EZ pass to pay for tolls as you drive to make the process simpler.

This is a good question to ask if you plan on driving in areas where tolls are collected. To find out everything that you need to know about U-Haul and tolls, keep reading.

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Does U-Haul Offer EZ Pass?

U-Haul does not include EZ pass in any of its trucks. This is not a feature that it provides for any of its vehicles. This is a shame since EZ pass is a much simpler way of being able to pay toll companies instead of having to stop.

This is not an additional feature that U-Haul trucks have, though there is always a possibility that they might have them in the future.

You may still be able to use your EZ account if you can find a truck of the same class on the app. If you cannot, you will need to add the information of the U-Haul truck in directly.

This is important in order to help you pay the toll companies correctly. If you are unsure of how to do this or do not know the U-Hauls information, you could try calling the U-Haul place that you rented from.

They might be able to help you by giving you the exact information of the truck that you are driving.

Can I Use My IPass in a U-Haul Truck?

IPass is another digital way for drivers to pay toll companies instead of having to stop to pay. It is very similar to IPass only it is used in different areas of the U.S.

IPass is also a physical transponder that is usually fixed on the vehicle’s windshield. As you pass by toll plazas, the transponder will be digitally charged by toll companies.

The toll fee will be automatically deducted from the account of the owner. So, you will need to have the U-Haul truck’s information added to your account in order to be charged correctly.

IPass users also get the added bonus of being given a 50% discount for using IPass to pay tolls.

It is important to keep in mind that the process of being billed by a toll company will be different when you are driving a U-Haul rental. This is because trolls are automatically billed to U-Haul as the owner of the vehicle.

This means that you won’t be paying the toll company directly, rather you will be paying U-Haul back. This is because U-Haul does not cover toll fees despite being charged for them.

How Do Tolls Work for U-Haul?

Does U-Haul Have EZ Pass_

Tolls are obligated to charge the owner of the vehicle that is passing, because U-Haul owns the rental vehicles it will be charged. Tolls will charge U-Haul directly as the valid owner of the vehicle, whether it is being rented or not.

U-Haul is obligated to pay the toll company and will be billed directly by the tolls. From there, U-Haul will bill the customer for the tolls as stated in the U-Haul rental contract.

Though U-Haul is the owner of the vehicle and technically required to pay the toll itself, it will usually fall to the renter. This is because tolls are considered to be a driving expense that falls under the customer’s obligation to pay.

The toll company will bill U-Haul directly, and U-Haul will then bill the customer for the toll amount. The details of this process are always outlined in the renter’s contract that all customers must sign.

Do U-Haul Trucks Have EZ Pass?

U-Haul rentals do not come with EZ Pass or any other kind of toll-paying transponder. This is also not a feature that can be added to your rental.

This is because U-Haul is billed directly by toll companies as it is the owner of the vehicle. This makes U-Haul responsible for paying any toll-related fees as you drive your rental.

You will later be charged for that toll fee by U-Haul so that it can be reimbursed for the fee added by the toll company. U-Haul does not cover these fees as it is a driving expense that is the responsibility of the driver.

This can make paying the toll fee feel very confusing if you are new to using U-Haul. This is because the process is different as the fee is applied to U-Haul, then U-Haul charges you directly for it.

Despite the process being different, you are still going to end up paying the same amount for the toll fee. U-Haul does not add a fee or take away from the fee, you will be expected to pay the exact amount.

This is clearly stated in the contract that all U-Haul customers are required to sign. So if you are confused about this process, it is a good idea to reread your U-Haul contract.

Everything about toll companies and toll fees will be included in your contract for you to read over. This can help you to better understand how toll fees work when you are driving a rented U-Haul truck.

Does U-Haul Have EZ Pass

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