Does U-Haul Take Cash

If you are looking to rent from U-Haul, you may be wondering if U-Haul accepts cash. This is a good question to ask, especially if your payment options are limited.

Some companies do not accept any kind of cash, so this is an important detail to know. To find out more about what kinds of payment options U-Haul accepts, keep reading.

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Will U-Haul Accept Cash?

U-Haul does accept cash for all kinds of pickup and van rentals. Though all customers will need to have a valid credit card or debit card to add to their name when renting. This is necessary as U-Haul needs to be certain that you will pay.

You can pay for all kinds of U-Haul services with cash when you go to pick up or drop off the vehicles that you rented. But you still have to have a valid credit or debit card for U-Haul to add to your information.

This is necessary as it gives U-Haul something to charge if you do not end up paying with cash as stated. Many companies have this kind of policy as something to fall back on if a customer refuses to pay.

This prevents U-Haul from being ripped off or stolen from, as it can charge the added card as necessary.

You can either pay with cash or with the card that you added when scheduling your rental or dropoff. Either option is allowed by U-Haul.

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Does U-Haul Hold a Deposit?

U-Haul does not require any kind of deposit for rentals done with a debit or credit card. But you will be charged a deposit if you are paying with cash.

This extra charge can be anywhere from $75 to $100, depending on what you are renting. If you are renting a pickup truck or cargo van, a credit or debit card will need to be swiped to make sure it works.

This is just an extra level of assurance to U-Haul that you can pay for what you are renting. You will get your deposit back once your rental is finished and you have returned everything to U-Haul.

Checks are also accepted at some U-Haul locations, though not all will accept this form of payment. If you would like to pay with a check, you need to call ahead to ask if that is allowed at the U-Haul in your area.

What Are U-Haul’s Payment Options?

Does U-Haul Take Cash

U-Haul will accept cash, credit, and debit cards as well as checks in certain U-Haul locations. The preferred method is credit or debit card, as a fee is applied when you pay with cash.

Your credit card will need to have a major credit card logo to be considered as legitimate. If you do not have this kind of credit card, you can always use a debit card instead.

If you want to pay with a check, you will need to call your local U-Haul place. Not every location accepts checks, so you will need to make sure it does accept checks before renting.

Cash is another good option but keep in mind that extra charges will be applied to your rental. These extra charges can be anywhere from $75 to $100 extra if you pay with cash upfront.

You will get this deposit back once you have returned your rental in the condition that you got it.

Will U-Haul Charge My Credit Card?

If you have decided to pay with cash, make sure you let U-Haul know that this is your preferred payment method. Then you can pay with cash upfront when you go to pick up or drop off your rental.

You will have to add a credit or debit card just to make sure you have an alternative payment option. But U-Haul will not charge this card option unless necessary.

If you want to pay in cash, it will not charge your card unless you fail to do so. Having a card added to your rental is U-Haul’s way of having an alternative payment method to charge.

This way, it can still charge you if you fail to pay, do not pay the right amount, or do not return the rented item. If any of these instances occur, U-Haul will begin to charge your card.

This is the only time it will do so if you have already decided to pay in cash, however. U-Haul will accept cash and not charge your card.

Does U-Haul Take Cash_

Does U-Haul Accept Cash?

U-Haul does accept cash, and you can rent from them and pay upfront with cash and no cards. But you will have to add a card to your rental as a backup plan for U-Haul if you somehow fail to pay.

This must be either a debit card or a credit card with a popular credit card logo. This card will not be charged unless you fail to pay or return your rental. As long as everything goes as it should, your card will not be charged, and you can pay in cash.

Having a card as a backup just helps to reassure U-Haul that you will have to pay. This helps to prevent people from not paying, returning damaged items, or not returning rented items at all.

This way, U-Haul can still charge you if something like this happens. If everything goes as planned, your card will not be charged unless that is the payment option that you prefer.


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