Does U-Haul Rent Dollies?

If you are in the process of moving you may need a dolly to help you move your things. You probably don’t own a dolly and don’t want to actually purchase one so you would rather get one from U Haul. What you want to know is if you can rent a dolly from U Haul. Let’s find out.

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Do U Haul Rent Dollies?

Yes, U Haul does rent dollies. If you need a dolly you can reserve a dolly with U Haul. U Haul will save you a dolly so that you can rent it and use it to move your stuff. You can rent a dolly as you would a U Haul.

How to Reserve Dollies?

One easy way to reserve a dolly for your move is to go online to U Haul’s website. There you will see everything that is available for rent, including but not limited to all of the dollies that are available to be rented. So if you are in need of a dolly you can go online and reserve it.

You may be wondering why you would want to reserve a dolly but believe me when I say that at a time like this, they go kind of quick. There are a lot of available dollies at each U Haul location but some places have more than others and others have less. If you live where there are only a few dollies at a certain location you may find yourself in somewhat of a predicament.

Your U Haul place may not have any dollies left when you go to rent them. This is a time where a lot people are moving whether that’s to a new location out of state or out of town or simply to a new home and they will likely rent dollies as needed.

Do All U Hauls Rent Dollies?

Does U Haul Rent Dollies_

Yes, all U Hauls rent dollies. I don’t know of one that does not rent dollies. If you do a Google search you will see that all U Hauls have dollies for rent or at least they are supposed to. This is just something that U Haul is known for.

What Kind of Dollies Does U Haul Rent?

U Haul rents all kinds of dollies such as utility dollies, furniture dollies, and appliance dollies. These are the main types if not the only types of dollies that I know exist and U Haul has them all. You will need different dollies for different kinds of furniture that need moving.

What if U Haul Doesn’t Have Dollies?

If U Haul doesn’t have dollies there is not a whole lot that you can do about it. One thing you can do is be patient and wait on some to become available but that could take a while. And who wants to wait days or even weeks for a dolly.

Sometimes it is not about patience but you may not have the time to patiently wait on a dolly to become available. When you have a set date and time for moving your things out of a certain place, there is no time to wait. You are usually on a tight schedule and you have to get out by a certain date so you may have to work with what you have.

On the other hand, you could try another U Haul facility that is nearby and rent a dolly from there. Or you could go out and purchase your own dolly from a local hardware store like Lowe’s or Tractor supply. They should have dollies that you can buy.

If you can’t afford to buy a dolly I would borrow one from a friend or family member. There may be someone who can help you and let you borrow their dolly or give a helping hand as you try to move your things out of your home.

Does U Haul Rent Dollies

Do U Haul Have Dollies for Rent?

Yes, U Haul does have dollies for rent. You can go online and reserve a dolly and anything else you may need to make your move easier. So if you need a dolly to rent, U Haul is the place to go.

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