Does U Haul Install Brake Controllers?

If you are in need of brake controllers and you are planning on renting a U Haul trailer, you may be wondering if U Haul can install your brake controllers for you. I’ll shed some light on this topic in the following paragraphs.

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Do U Haul Install Brake Controllers?

Yes, U Haul does install brake controllers. All you have to do to get your brake control installed is call U Hauls hitch center and schedule an appointment for the installation. This probably doesn’t take too long to do at all.

Do U Haul Trucks Have Brake Controllers?

No, U Haul trucks do not have brake controllers. Rather they use surge brakes. They do give you the option of towing a private trailer but there are no brake controllers.

Now you are probably wondering why U Haul trucks don’t have brake controllers. This is because they use surge brakes. It is not unheard of for rental trailers to have hydraulic surge brakes.

There are electric brakes and then the other option is surge brakes. Surge brakes can also be found on boats but that is besides the point. U Haul trucks do not have brake controllers because they have an entirely different set of brakes.

Surge brakes don’t quite work the same way as the electric brakes but they in the end do the same thing. With surge brakes, a mechanical cable or chain is used to connect to the tow vehicle and this in turn activates the master cylinder.

Electric brakes on the other hand are a little different and probably considered a bit easier to deal with. They use a battery-operated activator that energizes those electromagnets in the wheels. However, surge brakes are easy to work with.

Can I Tow a Trailer With Electric Brakes Without a Brake Controller?

Does U Haul Install Brake Controllers

No, you cannot tow a trailer with electric brakes without a brake controller. The brake controllers are needed for the electric brakes. Brake controllers are used to control electric brakes.

Because the brakes are electric, the controllers would be used to help bring the trailer to a stop easily.

How Much Can You Tow Without A Brake Controller?

There are requirements for trailer brakes in different states and each state has its own regulations. Some states require that any trailer over 1000 lbs after being loaded must have brake controllers. There are a couple states that don’t require brake controllers until 5000 lbs or 10000 lbs.

Can You Add a Trailer Brake Controller?

Yes, you can add a brake controller to a trailer. When trying to add a brake controller to the trailer, keep in mind that there are steps that you have to take to properly install the brake controller.

One of the first steps is to disconnect the vehicle battery. You never want to try and connect the brake controllers with the battery still connected. It could damage something on the vehicle or even cause harm to you.

So do your due diligence and disconnect the battery. You’ll put the brake controller on the dash and plug it in with a wiring harness specific to the vehicle. Some vehicles don’t have a plug-n-play harness.

In this case, you’ll have to splice in wiring for connecting a brake controller. If you’ve never added a trailer brake controller I would let a professional do the work.

What Happens If You Don’t Have a Trailer Brake Controller?

If you don’t have a trailer brake controller you must get one installed. When you have electric brakes you need a brake controller like we discussed earlier. Every electric vehicle must have brake controls.

So if you for some reason don’t have a brake controller, you should get one installed. You can go to U Haul to get your trailer brake controller installed. Just tell the people at the front desk that you are wanting to set up an installation appointment and they’ll get you taken care of right away.

Does U Haul Install Brake Controllers__

Do U Haul Install Brake Controllers At All?

Yes, there are a lot of instances where U Haul installs brake controls. If you need brake controls installed then you should make an installation appointment with U Haul. U Haul will be more than happy to install your brake controllers for you.

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