Does Walmart Distribution Center Do Drug Tests?

If you are thinking of working at Walmart distribution centers, you may want to know if drug tests are required. This is a good question to ask beforehand in case you are not willing to take any necessary drug tests.

Though drug tests are still very common in companies, they are slowly becoming less common. Many thighs are adding to the lack of necessity of having drug tests done, especially in larger companies.

Keep reading to find out whether or not Walmart distribution centers require drug testing in employees.

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Does The Walmart Distribution Center Have Drug Tests?

Most entry-level jobs at Walmart distribution centers will not require that you take a drug test to be hired. This is reserved for other positions that may be higher in pay or require more from the employee, who h is why a drug test is necessary.

Most employees at Walmart distribution centers do not have to take drug tests. Many did not have to take one to be hired or at any point afterward.

This is mostly due to how expensive drug tests can be to perform, especially for a large number of employees. Walmart does not want to spend this kind of money on employees who may not end up staying in that position for long.

It is also becoming rarer to find companies that enforce drug tests as certain drugs are becoming more legal all over the US. This has made drug tests much less valuable and even unnecessary in many companies.

Overall, it will just depend on the position that you are looking to fill, those looking to fill specific positions may need to do drug tests. Drug tests are often required for positions like:

  • Warehouse shift supervisor
  • Operations manager
  • Warehouse operations manager

What Kind of Drug Test Does Walmart Do?

If you are going to have to take any required drug tests at Walmart, you most likely want to know what kind of drug test it is. There are several different kinds, and many may not want to have to take some of them.

Does Walmart Distribution Center Do Drug Tests

The standard drug test in the US is a urine sample, and this is the method that Walmart distribution centers use as well. This is a simple test that is non-invasive and gets accurate and recent results.

Drugs last a longer period of time in urine, so these tests can provide easy and effective results to employers. They are also more affordable than many other drug testing options.

If you are required to take a drug test, you will most likely be asked to do so on the Walmart site. You will be given a special cup to fill so that it can be sent to a lab to be processed.

It is as non-invasive as this kind of test can possibly get.

Do I Need to Take a Drug Test Before Being Hired at a Walmart Distribution Center?

Some companies require that employees take a drug test before being officially hired. While others require employees to regularly get drug tests done to make sure they aren’t under the influence of anything.

Walmart distribution centers do not need people to do a drug test before being hired if they are applying for an entry-level position. These kinds of positions do not require any drug testing.

So you won’t have to get a drug test before being hired or afterward. Through other higher positions will usually require an initial drug test before hiring.

This is usually done during the interviewing process. Walmart may also ask you to take a drug test after being hired if there have been complaints or odd behavior during your shifts.

Otherwise, Walmart shouldn’t need you to take any regular drug tests after being hired.

Are Drug Tests Required at Walmart Distribution Center?

Drug tests are not always required at Walmart distribution centers, as entry-level positions do not require this. Drug tests will only be necessary if you are entering a managerial position with much more responsibility.

Even then, you should only have to take a drug test during the hiring process. Rarely do any Walmart distribution employees have to take a second drug test after being hired.

If this is something that you are still curious about, you could always ask during the interviewing process to get more details.

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