Does Wendy’s Have Curly Fries?

If you are wondering if Wendy’s has curly fries or not, you are not alone in wondering about this. Many people have the same question and are not entirely sure if Wendy’s sells curly fries or not.

This confusion mainly comes from the fact that Wendy’s is pretty well-known for its fry options. So many people simply assume that it would also offer curly fry options.

To find out whether or not Wendy’s sells curly fries on its menu, keep reading.

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Does Wendy’s Serve Curly Fries?

Wendy’s does not have any curly fries on its menu as of right now. Though there are rumors that it did have curly fries at one point many many years ago. Curly fries are more complicated to make, making them less cost-effective to sell.

Though curly fries are a favorite amongst many fast-food lovers, Wendy’s does not sell curly fries and has made no plans to do so. It already has a vast array of fry options on its menu and doesn’t really need to add one more.

Though Wendy’s fries are not curly, it is still known for having great fries. Wendy’s is one fast-food restaurant that offers natural and crispy fries that feel like they are homemade.

If you want curly fries, there are many other fast-food restaurants that offer them. Though you may want to try Wendy’s fries first, just to give them a chance before you make up your mind.

What Kinds of Fries Does Wendy’s Have?

Wendy’s is very well-known for its variety of fry options on its menu. It has long been known for its delicious fries and has added more fry options over its lifetime as a fast-food chain.

Wendy’s has a very generous selection of fries, from classic fries to cheese fries to chili cheese fries. It also has pub fries and baconator fries, which add a great deal of flavor variety to this classic side item.

These give you plenty of options to choose from if you’re a lover of fries. These side dishes are very hearty and full of flavor, the perfect side to any lunch menu item at Wendy’s.

Did Wendy’s Change Its Fries?

Does Wendy’s Have Curly Fries

Wendy’s did change the way it makes it fries quite recently, which caused a bit of a stir amongst customers. Many long-time customers were not happy about this change and even think that the new fries are disgusting.

Wendy’s changed its fries to be better at holding in heat, being able to stay hot for as long as 20 minutes. They are also made to be crispier by being tossed in a flour coating before frying.

These changes were not entirely met with open arms, as long-time customers could instantly taste the difference. Though some don’t see the issue and still find them delicious, many customers do not like the new fries.

Whether or not you think the new Wendy’s fries are good really comes down to personal taste. Many people still love them and may even like them more than they did before.

While other customers won’t even buy them anymore since they do not like the new taste or texture.

Does Wendy’s Sell Curly Fries?

Wendy’s does not sell curly fries as it already offers a wide array of other fry options. Most customers are not aware how much extra effort has to go into creating curly fries to sell.

Does Wendy's Sell Curly Fries

Many fast-food places have to outsource their curly fries as they cannot make them themselves or cannot keep up with the demand. Because Wendy’s makes all of its own fries, it doesn’t sell curly fries.

Though it does not have any curly fries on the menu, Wendy’s still has many fry options to choose from. You can go for the classic fries or even chili cheese or baconator fries instead. There are several side options of fries to choose from to make up for the lack of curly fries.

Just keep in mind that Wendy’s did recently change the way it makes its fries, so they may taste a bit different now. While this isn’t an issue for all Wendy’s customers, some have complained about the change.

The new fries are made to be crispier and stay warmer, though many do not like the way they taste now. Some also have complained about the extra crispy texture.

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