Is Wendy’s Halal?

If you are eating only halal food but what to be able to eat out at Wendy’s, you are probably wondering if Wendy’s has any halal foods. This is a good question and one that could help many people out. Halal foods are a Muslim specification that many Muslim people follow in their diet. This … Read moreIs Wendy’s Halal?

Is Wendy’s Chili Gluten-Free?

If you want to eat at Wendy’s but don’t know if they have any gluten-free options, you may wonder if the chili or anything else is gluten-free. This is a good question to ask if you cannot eat gluten for any reason as not all menus have gluten-free options. You will want to know about … Read moreIs Wendy’s Chili Gluten-Free?

How Much Does Wendy’s Pay?

If you are interested in working at Wendy’s, you probably want to know just how much you will be paid. This is an important question to ask, especially if you haven’t made up your mind yet. How much you make per hour is very important, which is why you want to know this detail when … Read moreHow Much Does Wendy’s Pay?

Does Wendy’s Freeze Their Meat?

If you eat out at Wendy’s, you might be wondering if the meat at Wendy’s is frozen or if it is fresh. This is a good question as only fresh meat can guarantee true quality and taste. Almost all fast-food restaurants serve frozen meat, this is a very normal occurrence. Though it is a very … Read moreDoes Wendy’s Freeze Their Meat?

Wendy’s New Fries Are Terrible

Many customers have noticed a sudden difference in how the fries taste at Wendy’s. This is especially going on with the customers that have been routinely ordering from this chain fast-food restaurant. If you are thinking of eating out at Wendy’s, you may be wondering if the fries are still any good. Though this comes … Read moreWendy’s New Fries Are Terrible

Wendy’s Breakfast Hours?

If you want to pick up a Wendy’s breakfast, you need to know when Wendy’s even begins serving breakfast. The last thing that you want to do is show up too early or too late and be disappointed. Every fast food restaurant is going to operate a little differently and keep slightly different hours. That … Read moreWendy’s Breakfast Hours?

Wendy’s 50 Piece Nuggets

If you want to order a large number of chicken nuggets, you may be wondering if Wendy’s still offers its special 50-piece box. This is a good question as some Wendy’s locations offered a huge amount of nuggets for $10. Wendy’s gave me a whole tendie nugget — Council | Kozy (@kozyiscute) October 22, … Read moreWendy’s 50 Piece Nuggets

What Sauce Does Wendy’s Have?

If you want to get food from Wendy’s, you might be wondering what kinds of sauces you can get there. You have a lot of sauce options at Wendy’s to compliment your meal and add a burst of flavor. Though Wendy’s special sauce is most well known, it offers many other options that you can … Read moreWhat Sauce Does Wendy’s Have?