Doordash Challenges

DoorDash offers its couriers multiple ways to earn extra income through pay incentives, bonuses, and challenges. Many couriers are excited and curious about how they can make more.

Here’s everything you need to know about DoorDash Challenges and how much you can expect to earn.

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What Does Challenge Mean on Doordash?

DoorDash Challenges are a form of earning incentives that allow couriers to earn extra money for completing a specific number of orders in a designated time frame. For example, a DoorDash courier might receive a challenge like a $300 bonus for finishing 15 orders over the next four days.

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How to Get Doordash Challenges

Unfortunately, DoorDash doesn’t offer challenges to every courier, and there isn’t a way for you to get selected for a challenge. You have to be in the right location at the right time slots to receive a DoorDash challenge.

DoorDash might distribute challenges to specific drivers or certain locations. The best way to receive a DoorDash challenge is to check your app daily and hope for the best.

DoorDash Challenge Example

DoorDash challenges will vary across different accounts, locations, markets, timeframes, and several other factors. An example of a DoorDash challenge might look something like this:

  • $300 for completing 15 deliveries over a four-day window

However, DoorDash challenges have timeframes. You might have to complete a DoorDash challenge between Monday at 12:01 AM and Thursday at 11:59 PM. But your mileage will vary depending on the circumstance, location, market, and more.

Who Receives DoorDash Challenges?

There are several factors that determine a DoorDash challenge, including customer statistics, timeframes, local business, and more. Your account might be valid for several different challenge types, so it’s best to log in daily and check your app. DoorDash might target certain aspects like:

  • Certain locations
  • New couriers
  • Long-standing couriers
  • Inactive couriers

Keep in mind that your mileage will vary depending on several of these factors and more. Let’s take a deeper look below.

Specific Locations

DoorDash Challenges are available in specific locations and markets. Unfortunately, not all couriers will receive a challenge while using the app. However, particular areas in your town might be more prone to receive challenges.

Busy areas with a lot of restaurants and drop-off locations might receive challenges. On the flip side, less dense and active regions can receive more challenges in encouraging drivers to deliver in these areas.

New Couriers

DoorDash wants to encourage couriers to stay on its platform and deliver orders. One of the ways they achieve this is by offering challenges to new couriers and accounts. New DoorDash accounts might be more likely to receive challenges or pay incentives, especially during the first weeks of using the platform.

These incentives can also help boost the new courier’s self-esteem and help them learn the platform, delivery process, or location.

Long-Standing Dashers

DoorDash might offer challenges and pay incentives to its long-standing drivers to keep them satisfied. Long-time accounts might receive a higher amount of challenges and pay incentives to keep them using the app. If you’ve only used the platform for a few months, you might not receive as many challenges.

Inactive Couriers

Many people will sign up for DooDash, deliver a few orders, work for a few weeks, and switch to a different form of income. People can use DoorDash for a few weeks for several different reasons, including employment changes, side hustles, and more. These couriers might be inactive for several months.

DoorDash might send these couriers challenges and pay incentives to encourage them to use the app and start delivering orders again.

How Often Does Doordash Do Challenges?

Unfortunately, DoorDash hasn’t officially stated how often they offer challenges, and the program is still in beta testing. Challenges are offered in select locations and markets. You might receive more challenges from DoorDash if your account is new or inactive, but your mileage will vary depending on the circumstance.

Where Do You See Challenges in the App?

When there is a challenge in your location that you qualify for, you’ll be notified through the DoorDash app. You can visit the Dash Now page on the app and choose an area as your starting point.

Any challenges that you qualify for will be listed on this page. You can click on the challenge to see the details and determine if it’s worth your time.

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How Do Challenges Work With Peak Pay?

DoorDash also provides couriers with Peak Pay incentives. Peak Pay gives drivers higher payments during busy hours, holidays, or heavy traffic. Peak Pay might vary between $1.00 and $3.00 extra per order for a specific timeframe. Peak Pay encourages drivers to work all across their cities.

Challenges and Peak Pay incentives will not interfere with or cause issues with each other. You can complete an order during Peak Pay hours and still work towards your challenge goal.

Where Do You See Your Challenge Earnings?

You can view your challenge earnings after it’s been completed in your weekly earnings screen. You’ll notice the money you’ve made throughout the week and what you received from the challenge bonus. You can see more details under “Challenge Details.”

After the challenge is completed, you can use Fast Pay to receive it immediately or wait until the standard payout is on Tuesdays.

How Do You Track Your Challenge Progress?

You can view your active “Dash Now” screen to track the progress of your challenge. You’ll notice a status bar at the top of the app that lets you know how much you’ve earned and how many orders you need to meet your goal.

You can select the status bar to view more details about the challenge, including how long you have until the deadline.

DoorDash Courier Challenges

DoorDash Challenges are a form of earning incentives that allow couriers to earn extra money for completing a specific number of orders in a designated time frame. For example, a DoorDash courier might receive a challenge like a $300 bonus for finishing 15 orders over the next four days.

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