Doordash Completion Rate

If you are new to being a Doordash driver, you may not know exactly what a Doordash completion rate is. What does it mean, and how important is it to dashers?

In this article, all of your questions around Doordash completion ratings will be answered and then some. If you want to know just how important this rating is and whether it matters or not, keep reading to find out more.

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What is a Doordash Completion Rate?

The Doordash completion rate is the number of orders that you have completed in the last 100 orders that you have had. This is an important rating as it shows Dordash how dependable and professional you are at doing your job.

Completion ratings on Doordash are carefully looked at by Doordash, even more so than many other ratings. This is because completion is a big deal on Doordash, and you need to maintain a good score on it.

If an order is not completed it will affect your completion rate. This usually involves a driver either abandoning an order or not being able to deliver it for some reason.

If your completion scare drops below 80%, you could experience some problems from Doordash. This is because a low completion rating is looked at as being very bad for the app.

If customers do not get their orders, it is not going to give them a good opinion of the company. This reflects very poorly on Doordash, even if it is entirely the driver’s fault.

This is why Doordash takes this scare very seriously and can even remove you from being a driver if your score is low.

Does Doordash Completion Rate Matter?

Doordash’s completion rating definitely matters if you want to keep your job as a Doordash delivery driver. This rating is one of the most important ones and cannot be overlooked.

Doordash takes this rating seriously and will routinely check each driver’s score to make sure they are completing their orders. If your completion rating drops too low, Doordash will see you as more of a liability than a useful driver.

Doordash has several ways of scoring its drivers to track their progress and abilities. Most of these ratings aren’t extremely serious and can fluctuate regularly without complications with Doordash.

But completion is one rating that Doordash takes very seriously as it should not fluctuate at all or at least not very much. Not completing orders is a big deal and is very bad unless there is a good reason behind it.

That is why completion ratings do matter, especially to you as a driver if you want to continue to work for Doordash.

Can Customers See My Completion Rate?

Doordash Completion Rate_

Customers cannot see your completion rating before or after making an order for you to deliver to them. From their side of the Doordash app, customers see very little and don’t have access to any of your ratings.

This system is in place to avoid any biased ratings that could harm the driver’s score. Doordash also does not see that it is necessary for customers to see a dasher’s rating when making an order.

This means that your completion score will not affect your future orders in any way. Customers cannot see these ratings, so they cannot judge you based on them.

This is good news for dashers, especially when it comes to more difficult customers. You can rest easy knowing that no customers will decline you based off of your ratings, and any ratings you receive will be entirely genuine.

All a customer can do is leave a rating for how you delivered their order based on their personal experience. That is why it is a good idea to try to keep all of your customers happy.

What is a Good Completion Rate on Doordash?

Any rating over 80% is considered to be a good completion rating or at least a safe one. Preferably, you should keep this rating at 90% or over since it is so important.

Your completion score should be very easy to maintain if you are doing your job honestly. It is hard for drivers to not complete orders unless they just don’t respect the job.

If there ever is an instance where you cannot control your inability to deliver an order, it is a good idea to let Doordash know. You can do this by calling the Doordash support team and explaining the situation.

Taking this preventative step can ensure that your score won’t be affected, and Doordash will understand the circumstances.

Will Doordash Fire You Over Completion Rate?

Doordash Completion Rate

Doordash does have every right to deactivate your dasher’s account if your completion rating is not up to its standard. This usually happens if your completion rating drops below 80% after you have completed at least 20 orders.

It can deactivate your account, which will lock you out of the driver’s Doordash app that allows you to take orders. You will no longer be able to accept orders or do any delivery work.

This is oftentimes a permanent ban that will keep you from being able to create another account unless you are dishonest.

This usually happens because it is unusual for a dasher’s completion rate to drop below 80%. If it does, that is a clear indication that they aren’t doing their job right.

This could mean that you are abandoning orders, taking them for yourself, or otherwise not getting them to the customer. Doordash takes these offenses seriously and will not hesitate to cut off a driver who is doing any of these things.

There are instances where you may have a poor completion rating due to circumstances outside of your control. If this is the case, you can contact Doordash to explain your side of the story.

If you have a good explanation for your poor rating, Doordash just might reverse its decision and allow you to take on orders again. This is uncommon, but it just might work if you have an explanation for your low score.

What is Doordash’s Completion Rate?

Doordash’s completion rating is the rating that it uses to indicate the number of orders that weren’t delivered. This is an important rating as it showcases the driver’s ability to follow through with orders.

You do not want your completion rationing to drop too low, as Doordash regularly checks this score. It is difficult to get a low completion rating, so it is a clear indication that something isn’t right if it drops very low.

Typically, Doordash does not like it when a completion rating drops below 80%. Once this happens it has the right to deactivate your Doordash driver’s account, locking you out of the app.

This takes away your ability to take orders and is pretty much how Doordash fires drivers.

You can always call Doordash support and try to clear up the situation. If you have a good reason for not delivering some of your orders, this would be the time to tell Doordash about it.

If you can prove that you had a good reason for missing some of your orders, Doordash may reactivate your account. As a rule, it is always a good idea to call Doordash support if you cannot complete an order.

If you explain the situation, it might not affect your overall score if you have a good reason for not completing an order.

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