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If you are new to being a dasher, you may be wondering if you can use the drive-thru as a Doordash driver. If this is allowed, or if you have to go inside to pick up a customer’s order instead?

Doordash is a pretty relaxed company to work for with very minimal rules, making it an easy job to complete. If you are wondering if you can use the drive-through as a dasher, keep reading to find out.

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Can Doordash Drivers Use the Drive-Thru?

Generally, Doordash drivers are allowed to use the drive-thru to get a customer’s order if the restaurant has a drive-thru. This is not always the case, however, as some places require that you come inside to pick up the order.

Some dashers also suggest that it is better to use the drive-thru only if the order is not yet placed. This way, you can order it directly at the drive-thru window for faster service.

Generally, you can use the drive-thru as you wish to as long as the restaurant allows it. Some restaurants will have a notification saying to go inside to pick up an order, or it will tell you at the drive-thru window.

It really depends on the restaurant as some prefer to keep the drive-thru open for actual customers while clothes don’t care. Every restaurant will be different, so you may have to keep that in mind when picking up orders.

Many dashers prefer to use the drive-thru as it can save them time and is easier than having to go into the restaurant. The downside is that this may not always be a time-efficient option.

Many people prefer drive-thrus as they do not have to get out of their vehicle. This means that some drive-thrus may be very busy and require a longer wait than you would if you went inside.

If this is the case, it would be better to get the order inside of the restaurant to save time and get the order as soon as possible. If there are more than three cars in the drive-thru line, it is best to skip it to go inside.

Do Doordashers Have to Wait in Line?

One big downside to Doordash is that drivers do have to sometimes wait in line at the restaurant. This will usually happen when you are picking up a customer’s order or if you have to place the order yourself.

Some restaurants are busier than others, while different times of the day can be busier as well. This can result in a long wait time at the restaurant as you have to stand in line.

This can quickly begin to eat into your delivery time and can even make some dashers late. This is a big problem for most as it results in an unhappy customer and slows down the dasher.

The more time each order takes the less time you have to pick up extra orders. This not only slows down your progress but can eat into the earnings that you could have gotten for that day’s work.

This is why some dashers avoid certain restaurants as they may take longer or tend to have longer lines.

Can a Restaurant Make Dashers Late?

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Restaurants can most certainly make a dasher late if they are taking too long. Some restaurants are understaffed, generally slow, busy, or may not be prioritizing the order. All of these things can result in a longer wait time.

This can make a dasher late and make the entire delivery later than it should be. This can result in an unhappy customer, as they get their order later than expected.

The one good thing is that customers can see that it is not the dashers fault that their order is late. As the app shows the steps involved in delivering an order.

The app will show the customer that the restaurant is holding up the delivery. Once the dasher finally gets it and starts driving to deliver it, the customer will be able to see that as well.

This at least helps the customer and Doordash to know that it wasn’t the dasher’s fault that the order arrived late.

Can Dashers Go Through the Drive-Thru?

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Generally, dashers can use the drive-thru if the restaurant has one available and if it isn’t too busy. If there are more than three cars in line, it most likely will take too long to use this option.

Some restaurants also do not like dashers to use the drive-thru and require that you go inside to pick up an order. Some want the drive-thru reserved for actual customers, while others don’t mind if you use it.

You will just have to see which restaurants allow it since they all can decide whether or not they allow dashers to use the drive-thru.

This is an ideal option for most drivers as it is convenient and sometimes even faster than going inside. You just have to keep in mind that it isn’t always a faster option. Sometimes going inside is faster and allows you to get the order to the customer in record time.

You will also have to keep in mind that you may be held up having to wait in line, whether that be in the restaurant or in the drive-thru. This is a common complaint amongst dashers as it can slow your progress.

This often can’t be helped, however, as some restaurants are slower or are having a hard time getting orders out quickly.

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