DoorDash Delivery Radius

DoorDash Delivery Radius

If you want to order food through DoorDash and get it delivered to you, you will need to know if you are close enough to get it. DoorDash has a delivery radius, and you have to be in it.

The good thing is that DoorDash is very clear about its delivery radius and will let you know if you are not in it. So that you can still get an order of food one way or another.

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What is DoorDash Delivery Radius?

A DoorDash delivery radius is a distance that DoorDash will deliver to. This isn’t actually about DoorDash, it is about the restaurants and how far they want their food taken.

It is the restaurant that sets a delivery radius for DoorDash to follow and enforce on the app.

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DoorDash Delivery Radius

The restaurants have the option of having a basic, plus, or premier partnership with DoorDash. Whichever option they choose will define how big their delivery radius is.

If they want to have a larger radius and reach more customers through better delivery. They have to upgrade their partnership with DoorDash.

This can be inconvenient for the customer as they just want to get their food delivered to them as soon as possible. But it cannot be helped as this is one of the technical sides to how DoorDash works.

When you go into the DoorDash app to order, you should be able to see the delivery radius for the restaurant that you want to order from. If you are outside of that radius, you most likely cannot get that delivery.

Can I Order Outside DoorDash Radius?

Normally you cannot deliver outside of the delivery radius for certain restaurants. This is because it is a set radius that goes along with their payment plan with DoorDash.

Occasionally, the app might let you make an order if you are very close to the radius, but usually, it is pretty strict. This is because it would be unfair to other customers.

You could always try to call DoorDash support if you think you are very close to the radius. They may be able to help you still get your delivery but it isn’t a guarantee.

Why Are Certain DoorDash Radiuses So Small?

How big a restaurant’s delivery radius depends solely on what kind of partnership they have with DoorDash. DoorDash offers restaurants four plan options to choose from.

The best and most expensive plan will give a restaurant a much larger delivery radius for their customers. While a basic plan that is cheaper will only have a smaller radius for delivery.

The smallest radius for most restaurants will be 5 miles, which is very limiting for customers. As most will live far outside of the 5-mile limit.

As the customer, there is really nothing that you can do about this. Despite the fact that it can be very inconvenient.

The only thing that you can do is look for other restaurants with larger radiuses or that you are closer to.

How Far Away Does DoorDash Deliver?

There is really no set distance that DoorDash will not deliver to. If there is DoorDash delivery in your area, you will often have access to getting deliveries.

It also depends on whether or not the restaurants you want to order from have a radius that can accommodate you. Fast food and restaurant chains will often have the best radius distances. Such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Applebees.

If you live 10 to 20 miles away, you still might be able to order from these kinds of restaurants since they have farther radiuses. But whether or not a Dasher will pick up your order is less likely.

Dashers have to take a certain amount of orders per hour in order to earn a good hourly wage. To do this, they have to be picky about their accepted orders and stay away from time-consuming ones.

You may be able to counteract this by offering a very generous tip. This is about the only way that you can convince a Dasher to take a long-distance order.

You will also want to make sure that you don’t order food that won’t hold up on the drive. Think items like ice cream, smoothies, and hard tacos.

What is Delivery Radius on DoorDash?

The delivery radius on DoorDash is the distance that DoorDash can deliver to depending on the restaurant. DoorDash itself does not have a delivery distance limit, but the restaurants on the app do.

In order to order from DoorDash, you will need to order food that is within the radius of the restaurant. This will be different depending on the restaurant that you are ordering from.

Some restaurants only have a very small radius that is about 5 miles from the restaurant location. While, others may offer delivery up to 15 miles away.

Your best bet for a long-distance delivery is ordering from a fast food or restaurant chain. As they often offer a much larger delivery radius for their customers.

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