DoorDash Driver Going Wrong Way

DoorDash provides customers with a reliable, fast, and effective way to order takeout. However, many customers and drivers alike are reporting navigation issues.

Many customers claim their delivery drivers are traveling the opposite direction, resulting in delays and cold food. Is this really the case? Is there a good reason why your DoorDash driver is traveling in the opposite direction?

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Why Is My DoorDash Driver Going the Wrong Way?

There are multiple reasons why your DoorDash driver could be going the wrong way. Your delivery driver may have an additional order, experience navigation issues, run into construction or blocked roads, or be using two or more delivery apps. If you’re experiencing problems, you can always contact DoorDash customer support.

Your Delivery Driver May Have an Additional Order

Your delivery driver can still receive multiple orders at a time, even if they’re only using the DoorDash app. The DoorDash app gives drivers a maximum of two orders at a time. Drivers can receive additional orders while they’re picking up items or when they’re driving from pickup to drop-off locations.

Typically, the pickup and drop-off locations are nearby and don’t cause much of a delay. However, there are times when the DoorDash app gives out orders that are much further than expected, causing the delivery driver to go in the opposite direction.

They May Experience Navigation Issues

DoorDash Driver Going Wrong Way_

Navigation issues could be another reason why your delivery driver is going the wrong way. DoorDash and other third-party navigation apps can run into glitches and malfunctions, causing delays. For example, your delivery driver’s app may not have updated fast enough, causing them to travel five minutes in the wrong direction.

Software Issues

Application, software, and hardware issues could all cause your DoorDash delivery driver to travel in the opposite direction. Your driver’s app may time out or malfunction, causing them to lose accurate directions. The DoorDash service itself could also be experiencing server issues, power outages, or other slow-downs. Try contacting your delivery driver directly for a more accurate answer. If that doesn’t solve your problem, contact DoorDash customer support directly.

Construction, Road Work, and Maintenance

Besides app issues, road work and construction can also cause delays. Your driver may have encountered blocked roads, causing them to turn around and go in the opposite direction. Road work, construction, and other maintenance issues are common reasons for late deliveries.

Your Delivery Driver Could Be Double Dipping

DoorDash Driver Going Wrong Way

Receiving orders from multiple apps could be another reason why your delivery driver could be going in the wrong direction. Some drivers will use DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, or other delivery services at once. Using multiple apps could have your driver going in the opposite direction to pick up various orders. Although frowned upon, using numerous delivery apps is not illegal or a contract violation.

What Can I Do?

Seeing your delivery driver traveling in the opposite direction can be a painful feeling. Watching the little marker on the app travel further and further away while you remain hungry is frustrating, to say the least. So, what are your options and available solutions?

Contact The Restaurant

Another solution available is to contact the restaurant directly. You can ask the restaurant if your order has been picked up or if there are any delays. However, the restaurant may not provide refunds or solve your issue. Calling and asking the restaurant may only give you a better idea of what’s going on and how long your orders are going to take.

Contact Your Driver

If you see your DoorDash delivery driver traveling in the opposite direction, try contacting them. Your delivery driver could be using an alternate route to avoid road closures or maintenance, so give it a second before contacting them. You can ask your delivery driver for an estimated time, updates or give them special instructions. Be sure to be cordial and kind.

Contact Customer Support

Unfortunately, besides contacting your delivery driver directly, there isn’t much you can do. Contacting DoorDash customer support is your second best option. You can file a complaint, read their FAQ, request a refund, or speak with a representative.

It’s important to note; If you’re filing a refund, you may need pictures and information regarding the situation. DoorDash requires this extra information to ensure they’re giving refunds to eligible parties.

Why Is My DoorDash Driver Going the Wrong Direction?

DoorDash Driver Going Wrong Way.

Your DoorDash driver could be traveling the opposite direction due to navigation issues, software issues, additional orders, road work, and more. If you’re experiencing issues, try contacting your delivery driver for an update. If that doesn’t solve your problem, contact DoorDash customer support to speak with an agent.

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