DoorDash Earning Statement

DoorDash Earning Statement

You probably want to know and keep up with how much you are earning from DoorDash. Although, you are a gig worker and the way your earnings are displayed will be slightly different from a regular job, you can keep track of your earnings with an earning statement from DoorDash. 

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How Can I Receive Payment History?

It is not possible to go to your dasher app and pull off your payment history. No, it’s not that easy. However, you can file a support case and in order for DoorDash to process your request more quickly, you should be sure to include the email address that is associated with your Dasher account. 

So in order to receive your payment history you have to reach out to DoorDash. Give them time to respond to your request and double-check that you have included all the needed information. If DoorDash doesn’t send your earning statement or payment history and it has been a while, I would probably reach out to someone in the support department via phone rather than submitting another claim. 

How Can I View My Weekly Pay Statements?

It’s obvious that you get paid for the week prior and this payment is usually directly deposited by Thursday of the following week. The payment period runs from Monday through Sunday. You will only see weekly pay statements when you are on weekly payouts. 

If you are on daily payouts you will have daily pay statements rather than weekly pay statements. So it is good that you know and be aware of the differences. There are two ways to view your weekly pay statements. 

The first way to view your weekly pay statements is to via your Merchant Portal’s Financials Tab and Payment emails. The Financials tab shows you all the payouts that were made to your bank account on file. Since you are on weekly pay, you will receive an email that tells you about your payments on Thursday. 

Can I Get A PayStub from DoorDash?

No, you cannot get a pay stub from DoorDash. Only DoorDash employees can get pay stubs from DoorDash. Since you are only a gig worker and not a DoorDash employee, there is no pay stub to be given. 

DoorDash doesn’t provide any form of printable earnings records. However, the DoorDash support center lets you request an earnings history. The downside to this is that DoorDash support usually will not provide you with the earnings history. 

They will more than likely tell you that you can retrieve your earnings history in the dasher app. This is because they feel that it is easier and takes up less of their time when they direct you to the earnings history rather than try to pull it off for you. 

How Do I See My DoorDash Earnings History?

You can see your DoorDash earnings history directly in the dasher app. Start by opening the driver app on your smartphone. Then find the earnings tab and tap it to open it. 

Next, you’ll type on a specific week to see how much you made in earnings that week. If you want to see earnings for individual dashes you’ll tap on a specific dash within that week to see just how much you made.

Your earnings history will show just how much you have made. This can be a great thing for a number of reasons. One good reason you may need your earnings history is if you are trying to see whether working for DoorDash is profitable. 

You may find that you are not making nearly enough money to justify the number of hours you work or you may actually find that you are making pretty good money from working with DoorDash. 

How Do I Get My Payment Statement from DoorDash?

The same way you get your earning statement will be the same way you get your payment statement from DoorDash. Within the dasher app, you’ll go to the financials tab and find your earnings there. It may give you an option to print off the payment statement within the dasher app or you may have to contact DoorDash support to get the actual statement. 

Can I Get Proof of Income from DoorDash?

Yes, you can get proof of income from DoorDash. All you have to do is file a support case within the dasher app. However, as mentioned, support will probably tell you to get the earning statement from within the dasher app.

They won’t want to get the proof of income and email it to you. Although, this may be a not so difficult task. They aren’t going to do more than is absolutely necessary. 

This means that if they can get you to pull up the info on your own that’s exactly what they are going to do. And you really can’t force them to give you the earning statement. So the best thing you can do is look for the statement or proof of income on your own and print it. 

You may need proof of income when trying to rent a home or get an auto loan so you can buy a vehicle. There are many reasons you may need proof of income so it is good to have it easily accessible. 

How Do I Get A Copy of My 1099 From DoorDash?

First, you have to go to the dasher app on your smartphone. Then you can pull out the menu and select taxes. In the next screen, you’re going to choose the desired tax year. 

Next, you want to choose the expanded view of the tax year and you’ll scroll to find the download and print form option. Finally, you need to click to download the 1099 form. This is how you can get a copy of your 1099 form from DoorDash. 

You don’t even have to reach out to DoorDash. The 1099 form is in your dasher app and fully accessible to you whenever you need a copy. You can print the 1099 form as much as you want to. 


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