How Far Does DoorDash Deliver?

How Far Does DoorDash Deliver?

Whether you work for DoorDash or are a DoorDash customer, you probably want to know how far DoorDash delivers. How far DoorDash delivers depends a lot on the place and the number of dashers working in certain areas. 

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How Far Will DoorDash Deliver?

DoorDash will deliver up to 30 miles away from the restaurant. The restaurant kind of serves as a starting point for DoorDash drivers and they will go as far as 30 miles away. You won’t find many people driving beyond 30 miles because of restrictions by the DoorDash app. 

DoorDash delivers to people in different areas. Those areas can’t be further than 30 miles away because DoorDash will not allow the dasher to accept this order. In fact, the door dasher may never get an order that is further away than 30 miles. 

Will DoorDash Deliver Anywhere?

No, DoorDash will not deliver anywhere. DoorDash is available in a lot of different cities. DoorDash serves over 4,000 cities and towns in the U.S. across all 50 states. 

So DoorDash will only deliver in cities and towns where they have workers. If there are no dashers in certain areas, you will not be able to order from DoorDash. There may be other delivery options in your city or town but it may not be DoorDash. 

There are small towns that do not have delivery services at all and so they don’t have DoorDash availability either. DoorDash will only go as far as the cities and towns that they service. If you don’t have DoorDash in your town you cannot and will not be able to order DoorDash. 

What Is The Max Distance for DoorDash?

The max distance for DoorDash is up to 30 miles. This means that DoorDash will accept orders from a half-mile up to 30 miles away. This does not mean that you can’t order with DoorDash. 

If you are technically in a different state or your order is more than 30 miles away, you will have to order from a different city. DoorDash will suggest you order from the nearest city near you. I don’t think the DoorDash app will let you order from a restaurant in another state. 

There may be some unknown reason why DoorDash would deliver further than 30 miles. In bigger states, there may be some cities that deliver more than 30 miles away. I don’t know if this is something that DoorDash sticks to closely or if they simply use it as a rule of thumb to go by. 

The max distance for DoorDash could actually differ based on the specific city or town or even state. The same way that fees differ in some cities and states, the same can be true for how far DoorDash will deliver. If you want DoorDash you should make sure that you are within the proper radius for them to be able to deliver your food to you.

How Do I Know If DoorDash Delivers to Me?

When you enter your delivery address in DoorDash it will tell you if DoorDash is in your area. If DoorDash is in your area then you will have a number of different nearby restaurants to choose from. You’ll want to look for the restaurant of your choice and then start the order. 

However, you may get a message that says DoorDash is not currently in your area. If that is the case, there are a few things you can actually do. First, you could go to the next town over and stay in a hotel where DoorDash is available that way you can get your order delivered. 

This option is good if you’re traveling around and are deciding where to stop and stay for the night. If you aren’t traveling this may not be a good option for you after all. However, you could call in your order or order online and then go pick it up. 

Picking up your order directly from the restaurant will be the best option for you. If you can’t get the order yourself you probably could get someone else to go pick up the order for you. It all just depends on what you see fit for doing when trying to order. 

It’s really a shame that DoorDash doesn’t deliver to every state and city. This is one of the common complaints that customers have. Some people have successfully started DoorDash in their area and that is helping DoorDash to grow as a business and as a delivery service. 

How Far Can DoorDash Deliver?

DoorDash can deliver pretty far. DoorDash will accept deliveries as far as 30 miles away from the drivers starting point which is likely a restaurant where food will be picked up. Anything over 30 miles DoorDash will not accept the order.


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