DoorDash Fast Pay Is Not Working

DoorDash Fast Pay Is Not Working

One of the many reasons delivery apps have become popular is their fast payment options.

Drivers find it incredibly accessible to withdraw their earnings each day.

Fast payment options are effective, but many drivers need help accessing their funds.

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Fast Pay Won’t Work on DoorDash

Fast Pay may not be working on DoorDash due to balance issues, app issues, location, and various factors. Fast Pay won’t work outside of the United States if you don’t meet the requirements or if you don’t meet the minimum balance.

Reasons Why Fast Pay Won’t Work

Dashers would encounter problems with Fast Pay for a few common reasons.

FAST PAY not working

Here are the most likely reasons why DoorDash Fast Pay isn’t working:

  1. You aren’t located in the United States.
  2. You do not meet the Fast Pay requirements.
  3. You don’t have any pending earnings; your only earnings are part of an active Dash.
  4. Your connected debit card account has a negative balance.
  5. You’re using Dasher Direct, a new Visa card program that DoorDash offers.
  6. You do not have at least $1.99 in your balance.
  7. You have already used Fast Pay for that day.

You should also check if your DoorDash app needs any updates or has any bugs. Additionally, the problem may be with your bank and none of the issues listed above.

Remember that there can be a delay in your earnings showing up. Restarting your app and phone may be wise before jumping to conclusions.

If you still need help with issues, you can check out the official site here.

Accessing Fast Pay Outside The US

DoorDash no longer offers Fast Pay outside the United States, including Canada. DoorDash has yet to state whether or not they plan to implement such features.

However, they have said they will communicate when these services are available.

Active Dashes Do Not Count Towards Fast Pay

Active dashes or orders do not count toward your Fast Pay. Once you complete the order, it will be added to your earnings. You can access Fast Pay and get paid for the order from there.

My Debit Card Balance is Negative

Unfortunately, in some cases, if your debit card balance is unfavorable, you cannot access Fast Pay.

credit card

The exact reason for this is unclear, but it might be specific to certain banks.

What’s Dasher Direct

Dasher Direct is a new service DoorDash is offering.

  • Dasher Direct offers daily deposits without a fee, cashback rewards, and a banking app.
  • Dasher Direct might not be compatible with Fast Pay. You can check out the official site for more information.

Minimum Balance Needed to Use Fast Pay

To use Fast Pay, you must have at least $1.99 total earnings in your DoorDash app. This amount is because Fast Pay has a $1.99 fee.

Remember that the app may take a second to show your earnings after you complete a dash.

How Often Can I Use Fast Pay?

One of the reasons Fast Pay may not be working is if you have already cashed out that day. You can only use Fast Pay once per day.

This includes instances of using Fast Pay at 12:01 AM.

Canceling a Fast Pay Transfer

No, you cannot cancel a payment once you initiate a Fast Pay money transfer. Once the Fast Pay Transfer is complete, you will receive an email confirmation.

Changing Bank Accounts or Debit Cards

You cannot use Fast Pay for seven days if you update your debit card or bank account connected to your Fast Pay.

This 7-day restriction is in place for the safety of DoorDash drivers.

Banks Eligible For Fast Pay

DoorDash has yet to state if certain banks are ineligible for Fast Pay. However, prepaid cards such as gift cards or reloadable debit cards will not work with Fast Pay.

Earnings Tab Showing $0

Your earnings tab within the DoorDash app could be showing $0 because:

    1. A recently completed order hasn’t finished processing.
  1. Earnings not transferred via Fast Pay by Sunday at midnight were transferred regularly.
  2. You have already used Fast Pay for the day.
  3. There is another issue.

The regular direct deposit processing dates happen every Sunday at midnight. These transfers typically take 2-3 business days to appear in your bank account.

If there is another issue, consider contacting your bank or DoorDash support. Here is a quick link to DoorDash support!

Is the Fast Pay Fee Worth It?

The $1.99 Fast Pay fee can add up over time and is best used sparingly.


It can be worth using if you have any urgent expenses coming up.

However, here is a breakdown of the potential fees depending on how often you use the service.

  • Once a week for a year: $95.52
  • Twice a week for a year: $191.04
  • Three times a week for a year: $286.56
  • Four times a week for a year: $382.08
  • Five times a week for a year: $477.33

As you can see, the fees can increase over time to a hefty amount. For these reasons, it may be better to use the regular occurring direct deposit or limit your use of Fast Pay.

The Real Reasons Why FastPay is Not Working

You could be facing issues with Fast Pay due to your location, balance issues, and app issues. Fast Pay will only work within the US if you meet the requirements.

If you are still encountering issues, you may want to restart your phone/app or contact DoorDash support.

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