Can Someone Else Pick up my DoorDash Order?

Can Someone Else Pick up my DoorDash Order?

Today, DoorDash gives many options for both pick up and delivery. You may be wondering if someone else can pick up your DoorDash order.

As with many things, the answer to this depends on the situation.

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Can Somebody Else Pick Up My DoorDash Order?

DoorDash orders can accidentally be picked up by the wrong person, and if so, the DoorDash driver should let all parties know so that a new order can be prepared. For alcohol deliveries, only the person who made the order, with valid ID, can receive the DoorDash order.

Can Someone Else Take the Wrong DoorDash Order at the Restaurant?

Yes, unfortunately, someone taking the wrong DoorDash order from the restaurant has been known to happen. There are many instances where this can be done accidentally, and sadly, even intentionally.

A different delivery person, as well as the people working at the restaurant, may be rushing and not paying enough attention to exactly which order goes to which person, and the wrong order can be picked up, leaving the DoorDash driver who is looking for that specific order to be out of luck. This can happen especially if customers with similar sounding names have orders placed at the same time at the same restaurant.

In a more unfortunate situation, some people have been known to steal DoorDash or other to-go orders if they are left unattended.

In either situation, when the error is discovered by the DoorDash driver, he or she should immediately notify the restaurant staff, if they are not already aware, as well as the customer, and DoorDash support. A new order should be prepared immediately, and DoorDash support will coordinate the delivery of that order to the customer as soon as possible.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Assigned DoorDash Order?

For DoorDash drivers, each DoorDash order is assigned to a specific DoorDash driver. If a different DoorDash driver (or anyone else) picks up an order that has been assigned to a driver, this will be a problem for which the driver will need to contact DoorDash support.

While working as a DoorDash driver, the driver cannot intentionally send someone else to do their work for them. This happens when they get their license suspended for example.

Remember, when signing up to be a DoorDash driver, the driver consented to a background check and filled out the application with their personal information. Sending someone else to pick up the DoorDash order would subvert these basic safety checks and would not be approved by DoorDash.

Can someone Else Pick Up My “Pick Up” Order?

If someone places an order using the new “Pick Up” option in lieu of delivery, then yes, it is allowed for that customer to ask someone else to pick up the order. People in online forums have shared that restaurants typically just ask for the name that the order was placed under, and do not request ID for DoorDash pick up orders. Just make sure it’s within their delivery radius and don’t be one of those DoorDash customers who doesn’t leave a tip.

The customer should let whoever is picking up the order for them know the name that that order was placed under. It would also be helpful to send a screenshot of the order confirmation to that person via text message so that they have some proof that they are authorized to pick up the order.

For example, if a female customer goes to pick up an order placed under a female name, the restaurant staff probably will not even notice that it is someone else picking up the order. If it is a male picking up an order under a female name, or vice versa, the restaurant staff may want to make sure they are giving the order to an authorized person, and not allowing someone to steal anyone’s food.

In this or similar circumstances, a screenshot of the order confirmation and a quick explanation would generally be sufficient to allow someone else to pick up a customer’s DoorDash pick up order.

Can I Send a DoorDash Order to Somebody Else?

Yes, DoorDash does allow you to send a DoorDash order to someone else. Some people may choose to do this as a gift and/or to help somebody else.

This would be a very nice thing to do, for example, for a sick or elderly friend or family member who cannot get out to get their own meal at that time. It also may help friends or family members who have been avoiding going out due to the pandemic, or someone just going through a hard time who could use a kind gesture.

It could also be a nice surprise to someone on a special day such as a birthday or a couple’s anniversary.

One note to be aware of, however, is that sending a DoorDash order to someone else cannot be done for alcohol orders, as will be described in greater detail below.

Can Someone Else Pick Up My Alcohol DoorDash Order?

DoorDash now allows delivery of alcohol orders, however, these orders do have some restrictions. Also there is a small fee for each DoorDash order.

This is because there are serious legal consequences for anyone participating in serving alcohol to a person who is not over the legal drinking age.

These legal consequences would likely apply to the DoorDash driver himself or herself if he or she is not following correct protocol, for DoorDash as the company, and any person who attempts to buy alcohol for under-aged people.

To ensure that alcohol is being delivered legally, the person who places an order with alcohol and who receives this order must be over the legal drinking age, and must show their valid ID, personally, to the DoorDash driver. Because of this, the person who places the order must be the same person who receives the order, and the order cannot be received by, nor sent to, someone else.

Can Someone Else Get My DoorDash Order?

If a DoorDash order was accidentally picked up by the incorrect person, the DoorDash driver should request a new order and let all parties know about the error.

On orders with alcohol, only the person, with valid ID, who made the order, is allowed to receive the DoorDash order.

Even though some people think that DoorDash is bad, I think that they do everything they can to satisfy their customers. They can even bring you ice cream if you want.


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