Doordash Forgot Email

If you are trying to get into your Doordash account and have forgotten your Doordash email, you may be wondering what you can do. If you can even get back into your account?

It is very common for customers to forget their Doordash email, especially if they have many emails. Keep reading to find out just what you can do if you have forgotten your Doordash email.

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How Do I Recover My Doordash Account Access After Forgetting Email?

If you forgot your Doordash email, you can try to log into Doordash with another method. You can do this by choosing either the Sign in With Facebook or the Sign in With Google option to get access to your Doordash account.

These are options provided to you once you hit the Sign In button. This will offer you these two alternative options to try to sign in to your account.

This is a great alternative as these passwords and emails are usually saved on your device. This can help you to log into your Doordash account even if you do not remember your Doordash email.

This is a simple and straightforward solution to getting access back into your account.

Can I Change My Email On Doordash?

You have the option of changing your Doordash email within your account. This can only be done once you have already logged into your account and can make edits to your information.

To do this, you will need to log into your account and go to your account settings, this is where you should see your information. You can choose the email option to edit and enter a new email address.

Make sure to hit save so that the new address becomes the address for your Doordash account. Next time you log into your account, you will need to use the new address to get access.

Your password will stay the same unless you have made changes to that as well.

Can I Have Two Doordash Accounts?

Doordash Forgot Email

You may be wondering if you can have two Doordash accounts in order to prevent issues with this app. In theory, this could be a good way to avoid getting locked out of one account if you cannot remember your information.

The thing is that Doordash does not allow customers to have more than one account. This goes against its policies and could result in your accounts being deactivated.

This is mostly due to the fact that multiple accounts give you the opportunity to take advantage of certain deals that Doordash offers. Basically allowing you to cheat Doordash out of money by getting these deals twice.

While it is possible to create two Doordash accounts, it can be risky as it could get you booted off of the app entirely. It is also very complicated to do so, as none of your information can be the same between the two accounts.

All of your information must be entirely unique, otherwise, Doordash will see the similarities. Generally, it is not considered to be worth the effort as it is very difficult to create a completely unique account.

And if you do not do it the right way, you could be blocked from using Doordash at all.

What To Do If I Forgot My Email for Doordash?

If you have forgotten your Doordash email and no longer have access to your account, there is something you can do. You will need to get on the Doordash website or app and click Sign In, this will give you two other sign-in options.

You can add in your email and password like usual or choose to Sign in With Facebook or Sign in With Google. These alternative options can help you to get access to your account even if you don’t remember your password.

This is an easy and effective way to get into your Doordash account if you can’t remember what your email was. Once you are logged back in, you can go to your profile settings and change your email.

This way, you can better remember it next time. If you still cannot access your account even after signing in with one of the other two options, you can call Doordash support.

This may be a real issue within the site, and Doordash support should be able to help you locate the issue. They are available 24/7 and can help to get you back into your account.

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